The AIMS team with an eyewitness of Perry County, Ohio’s Grassman monster. Photo provided by Destination America.

“Mountain Monsters”: The inside scoop

By Kim Lemmon, Ohio’s Country Journal

I was fortunate enough to have one of my April 2014 blogs (“Mountain Monsters” — They’re more familiar than you think) catch the attention of the folks at Destination America who produce the show. A few e-mails were exchanged and before long it was all set up for me to have an interview with Trapper, one of the stars of the show.

Of course I was very excited, but a little nervous. I really like the program and I enjoy letting my imagination run wild as I watch it. I was afraid I might meet a polished actor rather than the man from the mountains that I had grown to admire on the show. Luckily, my fears were not founded.

As I sat down to talk to Trapper amid the forests of Salt Fork State Park, it became obvious pretty quickly that he is just a normal “good old boy” who hasn’t been changed by his television fame.

Although I refuse to make claims about the legitimacy of the “monsters” or the evidence shown during the shows, I can tell you that from what I can see, the men of “Mountain Monsters” are truly a group of fun-loving, hardworking hunters from Ohio and West Virginia. I personally think they would be a fun group of guys to get to know.

Though the program rarely portrays them as such, these guys are also a well-rounded group of intelligent and skilled men. Don’t let the TV drama fool you. These guys know the woods and what they are about, but they are also intelligent enough to know what draws an audience. Here are some quotes from Trapper about the guys in the show.

“Huckleberry was an operator, and I was a boilermaker so we knew each other. Sometimes I pay so much attention to what‘s going on in front of me that I need someone to watch my back all the time. So he’s my ‘Huckleberry.’ He takes care of us.”

“He is Huckleberry’s friend. We just love Buck. The first time I met him he was a real skeptic. He’s coming around. We needed someone to do the heavy lifting and the grunt work for us. We’ve got some age on us — me and Huckleberry and Jeff. He’s always game for anything.”

“Willy is my neighbor. He’s the jack-of-all-trades. What a hard worker he is. During the filming season, he went from 215 pounds to 175 pounds building all those traps.”

Wild Bill
“We had a mutual friend say, ‘You’ve got to meet this Wild Bill guy,’ and we needed a really good climber to help Willy out on traps. They are both expert climbers. He is exactly the way he acts on the show. He’s the kind of guy you only give one shell to.”

“Jeff was a good researcher so we brought him on. He knows his stuff.”

John “Trapper” Tice. Photo provided by Destination America.
John “Trapper” Tice. Photo provided by Destination America.

Trapper (About himself)
“The wampus beast, or wampus cat, in northern pleasant county is a pet peeve of mine. I have a ritual that virtually every Sunday morning I go up into the northern part of Pleasant County. I have a pipeline that I walk right away that is real fresh with tracks.”

In addition to finding out more about the men in the show, I had a few questions for Trapper about some of the episodes I had seen. In particular, I asked for details about my favorite creatures featured on the show, “The Hellhound of Kentucky.” During this episode, it appeared that, while the guys were searching for the beast in a corn field, the creature hit Trapper in the elbow and nearly knocked him down. I asked for clarification as to what really hit him.

“That’s terrible in that corn field,” he said. “It had to have been him. He made passing charges on us. I swung around and he hit that elbow, and he virtually knocked me down. We never got a clear view of him. You can’t see in those darn corn fields. I can’t even believe I took the team in there after him. He used those corn fields for cover. He moved from corn field to corn field undetected. In a corn field, if you got in there just after it rained you could see tracks. There was one set of tracks where you could tell he was after coyotes. His tracks and the coyotes ran together. It was pretty cool.”

So whether or not you chose to believe in the folklore or just consider it a form of Friday night entertainment, “Mountain Monsters” is sure to fit the bill. This fast paced adventure-filled show keeps viewers guessing and on the edge of their seats as the men chase after critters in the Appalachian region. When questioned on the hunting style the guys portray during the show, Trapper said with a laugh, “Nobody would want to watch us lay on a hill with a night-vision scope all night.”

I’ll agree with that. The fast-paced action of the show combined with the mysterious creatures it showcases are what keep me watching.

Mountain Monsters airs Friday nights at 10 p.m. on Destination America.

Be sure to also read, “Men of ‘Mountain Monsters’ investigate Ohio folklore.”

Jan. 2016 update: Trapper is not dead. Read the article at this link:

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  1. I cant wait till next season i hope we will be able to check on how things through out the year Marcella seabolt

  2. Total fakes. These clowns couldn’t find their a$$ with both hands and a flashlight. Show should be on Comedy Central.

    • These guys are laughing until their sides hurt. They have gotten in on a formula perfected by others and added their own vulgar and dangerous touches to a premise that cannot be disproved. These “monsters” can never be proven NOT to exist, only that they DO. It is the perfect hoax. They can continue as long as gullible people continue to watch and Destination America can sell advertising. Is the show fake? In the minds of reasonable people, including everyone involved with this farce, of course, it is fake, but no one can prove it. On the other hand, if something is actually out there, and they run across it in their bumbling way, with an experienced film crew with them – how famous (and rich) will they be then?As they continue to fleece the same tired formula, the audience will eventually diminish to only those who enjoy foul language, idiotic behavior and faulty logic. In the meantime, it is a perfect scenario for DA and the stars. This group of no-talent rednecks have hit on the ideal way to achieve fame and fortune. So, in the long run, who is really stupid? The stars who are having the time of their lives, thumbing their noses at sophisticated and intelligent people by running through the woods at night, screaming and yelling and chasing everything nearby into oblivion. Their real destination? Their bank. To deposit what is likely a very handsome wage for providing what some see as entertainment. Call them fake. But do not call them stupid. They are making more bucks than they have ever made. And they did not even have to dream up the idea. Finding Bigfoot already established the formula. If anyone is stupid, it would those who hate on the show, but keep watching it.

      • We know the show is fake dumbass, didnt need an “educated sophisticated” asshole to tell us that, tv its meant to entertain, not produce phd’s…

        • Amen bro well said although Bigfoot exists regardless of what anyone thinks of the show and btw it was still great to watch at night compared to all the other BS shows on tv !!!

          • It is very fun to watch and one of these days they will come across something out in the mountains in the middle of the night hahahahaha a wildcat or a big old bear .

        • Well that was kind of a mean comment. He was just explaining nicely!

      • Sorry you didn’t like it and think your intelligence is all that but NOT hating to bust your bubble it is not all that. Yes some of the show is staged but I can tell you that big foot does exist regardless of how you feel and those guys know way more than the show can depict ! I for 1 want to know why the show is not back ???

        • It is Now 🙂 Just wondering if they’ll ever actually catch one of these Beasts they’ve been Hunting for so long. Notta 1 Single Catch yet so they better step up their game and make it happen.


  3. I love all u guys . I would love to call u all my friends. And would love to meet u all. Please keep the mountin monsters going i would not like to think I will not be seeing such great intelligent smart men

  4. Please remove Buck from your team Trapper. He is WAY to sensitive and Hot Tempered!!

  5. I love this show and always talk about the episodes with my son. He just called with my granddaughter and said they just had the “happiest day of their lives!” They (by word of mouth) found OUT MM
    was in a nearby town and they jumped Inot his car. Making a long story short, talked a great length about not only meeting them, but talking at great length with each one (Buck &Trapper could not be there). They were so impressed with their being so down to earth, kind and caring. Trapper and Wild Bill build all the traps themselves and after their done filming, tear down and give the materials to the farmers. They dress as seen on the show and the interviews are real. Jeff was more quiet at first, but he actually carries his notebook with him at all times and showed them. Wild Bill is just as loud off the show as he is on. Huck is like the dad of this group and really looks after them. They are not concerned about fame and $, it’seems all about doing what they want to do. I was impressed and wish I were there (I live 2 hours away) but hearing their excitement was enough. Most all of their shows are actual but I am sure they must add some excitement to fill in gaps and change things up. I find this show in credibility funny and looking forward to the next season!

  6. Have you heard about the stick man monster? Or the one that is invisible and you only see a shimmer. Both have the monster scream. There is also one where you only here them mumbling.

  7. Use to kids watched your program but I know of several, including me, who have changed the channel only because of the abundance of cuss words. Most popular is son-of-a-bitch it seems. What’s that all about? You are not helping yourself with the cussing.

  8. Henrik is. My name.This show helped me since I had a
    Heartsurgery last…year.No offense..but I hope it is
    Genuine… your autographs.

  9. It’s my favorite show . Please kick the rogue team’s butt.

  10. Always enjoy the back country adventures of some real “good ole boys”! Love the culture of hunting and trapping, with some added excitement!!! Just going into any woods at night takes some guts!!!

  11. I’d like to see these guys come to The Uk and look for The Beast of Bodmin, or the Green Man in Scotland, gun less of course! I set the challenge!

  12. What happens to the traps when they are donecwith the hunt?

  13. The most ridiculous show ive ever seen what is it purpose.Cant believe this is a show they dont even talk hillbilly

    • “Hillbilly” is not dialect. It is a way of life! Also, extremely intelligent and or highly educated Hillbillies do exist. More so than non..
      FYI the terms… hillbilly and redneck are two completely different from each other!

  14. I love the show I enjoy watching it if it’s not your cup of tea turn it off…I enjoy watching it because it gets my mind away from the all the political BS that is on TV now! Go Trump! I also like everyone of the guys I don’t care if it’s put on I don’t care if it’s true I enjoy the show

  15. I love the show and cannot wait till i can see it again I am hooked. i tape every episode . Can we not watch something for the heck of it real or not . No one gets killed, it is just good old fashion fun and who knows what is out in the woods? other shows some one does something to someone and then this person does this to get back frankly i could care less who does what to who on TV because it will change the next episode and she or he will be with someone else . Id rather watch this than just about any show on TV wonder besides you never know whats out there we cannot know everything.

  16. I’m a multigenerational Mountaineer. I’m torn because the show is a hoot to watch but it does encourage people to think all West Virginians are back woods hillbillies with limited education and few teeth left. Me personally I believe a undiscovered bi pedal hominid could very likely exist BUT NOT in every hill and holler in WV or the rest of the Appalachian Mountains and those researchers who have to deal with skepticism and disbelief from mainstream America isn’t helped by this show but all that being said they have hit upon a formula that leaves them carrying their guns and in Bucks case alot of weight all the way to the bank. And to those blasting about it being ridiculously fake remember hate game not the players. If it didnt make the DA channel money and ratings it wouldn’t have made it past the first season.

  17. Just curious but have the mountain guys ever captured or killed a mountain monster?

    • Yes! They have killed many, that is why they are hard for most people to find. Those creatures were all over the Appalachian Mountains until these fellows got the populations under control. It is a very entertaining show!

    • what people are forgetting is the episode of mountain monsters hogzilla. trapper says that i am hear to take fact from fiction the people said it was 1000 pounds but it was only 800 pounds. also there are episodes were they have stuff in the trap but the broke out

  18. I love this show! Even if its scripted, i grew up in western Kentucky and was told about some of the creatures growing up, we lived at the edge of the strip pits, that where coal has been mined and it has never been reclaimed, and we had something that lived in the pits, we called it the Isley Varmint! Lots of the older folks have seen it and the way they described it, it sounded like a Bigfoot! Ive heard the thing squeal out and my mamaw has shot at it, so this takes me back to my childhood and what we were told, Love the show!!

  19. Scooby Doo with a bunch of dumb ass fat red necks and no hottie, smart chick and a good old Dog!! If they were smart they’d have a hottie running around with them in some Daisy Dukes and bra! This show was made for anyone that watches the WWF and thinks it’s real. If I feel like laughing at stupid people it fits the bill to a T!

  20. In 1 of the Episodes when it was just Buck and the Camera Man alone in the middle of the Dark Forrest Buck got Scared real bad when one of the Creatures suddenly appeared right next to him and if you listen Real Closely with the Volume Up right as Buck went to scream like he usually does when he gets scared you can Hear him Fart at the same time. The only reason I know that is because I paused it and rewound it a few times to try and see if I could actually see the Creature that scared him in the background but instead I realized Buck let out a Big Fart lol. Unless it was the Cameraman that Farted while he was filming I dunno. Who knows if it literally scared the Crap outta them maybe the let out a Shart.

  21. I love the show been rewatching the series to catch up. But i have a question for any gun person. in Season 2 Episode 9, where they go after the Shadow Creature, What make and model is Willy’s shotgun in that episode?

  22. The Mountain monsters tv show was an awesome show… was always nice to see the skills that they had building the traps they made and the tracking skills…RIP Trapper and God bless The Mountain Monsters of Appalachia !

  23. Totaly, masive, fake!!!! Stupid rednecks!!!! We live in the 21st century, come on, any one belive in this shit??????

    • Love this show, miss it so much. So funny and entertaining. RIP Trapper. 🙏 These guys have to carry on the torch for Trapper.

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