Ag Leader brings new features to AgFiniti Cloud-based platform

On July 1, Ag Leader Technology announced a firmware update to the Ag Leader Integra display, which adds increased functionality to the AgFiniti cloud-based platform. A new feature included in this update is the ability to transfer Smart Report application details collected by application controllers and logged in the Ag Leader Integra display.


“In the past, Smart Reports were only transferable through use of a USB drive,” explains Dave Wilson, AgFiniti Product Specialist. “With the recent firmware upgrade, growers using the Ag Leader Integra display can now export these Smart Report files wirelessly to AgFiniti, and they can then be shared through email or other AgFiniti sharing options, which makes reporting a more fluid process.”


Additionally, AgFiniti now accommodates advanced search functions for desired files. Users can filter their searches according to date or time period, and by a particular grower or field, adding a new dimension of flexibility and customization to the AgFiniti cloud-based platform.


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