Xtreme Cutting Coulter (XCC) available from Yetter for 2014

Tool takes down pressure and vertical travel to new levels

The new 2995 Xtreme Cutting Coulter (XCC) introduced by Yetter Farm Equipment is ideal for heavy residue situations and high-speed operation. The coulter’s design is capable of spring pressure up to 2,000 pounds, providing the power needed to cut through even the most difficult residue and soil conditions. The design also allows up to six inches of vertical travel, and the depth of cutting coulter can be quickly adjusted.

The XCC is available in two models: the 2995-087 and 2995-089. The 2995-087 is for 20” blades with blade options of smooth, ripple, and notch. The 2995-089 model is available with 24” smooth blade. The XCC is designed to be mounted ahead of fertilizer application equipment or on toolbar tillage equipment for cutting through residue and soil.

“The XCC,” said Yetter Product Specialist Tyler Thomas, “is designed with increased down pressure and travel, which provides our customers with the cutting action needed for large toolbars, tougher field conditions, and more acres.”

The cutting coulter also works with almost any toolbar: mounting kits are available for 4×4-, 4×6-, 6×6-, 5×7-, and 7×7-inch toolbars, and other sizes upon request.

For more information, visit www.yetterco.com.

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