National Trail-MVCTC FFA holds their first Administrative Dinner

The National Trail-MVCTC FFA Chapter held their first Administrative Dinner September 22nd. The National Trail-MVCTC officers showed the school board members of National Trail and MVCTC their POA or Program of Activities. They explained the whole POA and multiple activities that they are planning on participating in this following year. Also, they had three amazing guest speakers, Natalie Miller, Jenna Genson and Tracy Dendinger.

Jenna Genson was first to speak, she told the board members about the importance of the National Honorary FFA Member award and how special it is to receive. Jessica Helsinger will be receiving this award October 31st at the National FFA Convention for Mr. Joseph Slone. Ms. Genson then spoke about how Joseph Slone was respected by more than just the National Trail-MVCTC FFA Chapter and how he was one of the best advisors.

Natalie Miller then spoke about the importance of field trips we take during the school year. She talked about how much of an impact it leaves on the members and the lessons they learn on these trips. They learn it all, from Math and Science to Social Studies. They also learn major social and leadership skills that will help them throughout their whole life. She helped the board members understand that it’s not just a day off school; the students learn many life lessons.

Tracy Dendinger was the last to speak. She presented a power point showing the classroom education portion of Ag Ed. She talked about how big it is becoming and what the future looks like for the organization. She discussed what topics we learn in the class room and about how they are trying to start teaching middle school courses.

The dinner was a huge hit and the National Trail-MVCTC FFA Chapter thanks all who attended. They are excited for the new year and activities they have planned to participate in.

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