Shelby FFA stays busy with Field Day and tailgate

The Shelby FFA stayed busy all day last Friday during their 2014 Field Day. The day started with prep of the shop and table setup for the event and at noon, the students got to sit down and eat lunch with local farmers. While everyone enjoyed an awesome lunch, Adison Niese, Kaitlyn Evans, and Haley Evans were teaching students as well as farmers about modern issues and technologies in agriculture such as superweeds, roundup ready beans, and twin rows. We also had bean plants from our test plot out, so farmers could see how the different populations affected the plant.

After the field day the craziness didn’t end. When the cleanup was done we started the set up for the FFA Tailgate party at the practice field in front of the Shelby Football Field. This tailgate party was in appreciation for anyone who donated to the Shelby FFA Alumni Buyers Club.

It’s safe to say Friday was a busy day, but in the end both events had a good attendance and went very smoothly.

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