Plan now for 2015 weed control

As herbicide resistant weeds become more prevalent across the Eastern Corn Belt, university weed experts and agronomists continue to advocate the importance of fall herbicide applications. University research has proven to be practical and applicable in the field. Growers who make fall herbicide applications have an easier time keeping weeds under control in the following growing season, and as a result, have cleaner fields.

As harvest winds down, it will be important to take some time to plan for fall herbicide applications. There are many resources available, including articles and discussions of research studies performed by university experts. There are many questions concerning these applications such as: When to apply? What products? What rates? How much should I spend? If you only have time to read one article on the subject, check out this excellent article by Ohio State University’s Mark Loux by clicking here.

As always, Seed Consultants’ agronomy staff is available and has provided the sales staff with resources to assist customers in making sound agronomic decisions this fall. Feel free the contact your local seedsman/seedswoman with any questions. Fall is the time to get a jump on weed control for next season, make sure you utilize all available resources to ensure your fields are free from yield-robbing herbicide resistant weeds.

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