Popular Yetter Stalk Devastator now fits even more corn head models

This stalk roller crushes tough corn stalks as it rolls through the field, preventing premature tire damage on not only combines, but on machines making subsequent passes as well. The Devastator also earned an honorable mention in the residue management category at No-Till Farmer’s 2013 National No-Tillage Conference.

Devastator models are now available to fit:

•  CNH 4400 Series 6 and 8-row corn heads
• John Deere 16-row corn heads
• AGCO brands including Gleaner, Gleaner Hugger, Massey-Ferguson, and Challenger 6 and 8-row corn heads
• Claas and Lexion 8 and 12-row corn heads
• Drago 12-row folding corn heads
• Geringhoff 12-row folding corn heads

A complete list of models can be found at yetterco.com.

“The Devastator is already the ideal stalk residue management solution for producers across the country, said Yetter AOR Manager Jeff Wherley. “Yetter is pleased to make this money-saving tool available for even more brands and models of corn heads.” The Devastator is also available to fit 6, 8 and 12-row Geringhoff and Drago corn heads and most other John Deere and CNH corn heads.
The rollers on the Yetter 5000 Stalk Devastator push stalks over, crushing them, which allows tires or tracks to easily roll over the stalks.

“Today’s hybrids are designed to resist disease, insects and wind, but the tough stalks are destroying tires. This leads to downtime and expensive replacement,” said Jim Lascelles, service manager at Yetter Farm Equipment. “With the price of tires and tracks at an all-time high, producers are looking for ways to make them last longer.”

The Devastator’s rollers successfully reduce stubble damage to the tires, wires and hydraulic hoses on seeding and tillage implements, combines, trucks and tractors, all while preserving enough ground cover to ensure growers still get the erosion-prevention benefits associated with residue. The crushed stalks, when knocked over, have more contact with the soil than if left standing, facilitating quicker plant tissue breakdown.

The spring-loaded, solid-steel Stalk Devastator is quick and easy to install. It is designed to not interfere with most header transport carts. View the Devastator in action at www.youtube.com/yetterco.

Contact Yetter today for information on this product. The sales team can be reached by phone at (800) 447-5777, fax at (309) 776-3222, or email at info@yetterco.com. Find more products and information at www.yetterco.com

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