Trupointe hosting Grain Safety Day for area students

As harvest begins and the dangers of grain entrapments and explosions increases, now is the time to help educate youth on grain safety.

Trupointe Cooperative will be sponsoring its first Grain Safety Day on Tuesday, October 7, 2014, at our Sidney grain location. High school FFA students from Sidney, Wapakoneta and Jackson Center will participate in hands-on demonstrations, which will include the use of a grain engulfment simulator and grain dust explosion simulator.

The grain engulfment simulator utilizes a mock grain bin filled with corn, allowing participants to experience a practical entrapment and rescue. Participants, wearing a harness and safety gear, will be partially submerged in the corn while emergency responders use a rescue tube to free the person from the bin. The grain engulfment simulator is used annually to train emergency responders and also to show others how quickly a person can become helplessly trapped in grain.

With expected high yields that may be harvested wetter than normal this year, there likely will be more potential for clogged equipment and safety hazards. Trupointe is hoping the local teens will take the message they gather from Grain Safety Day back to the farm, to help reinforce to all the importance of following safety procedures.

Trupointe, based out of Piqua, is a leading agricultural and energy cooperative serving farmers from 41 locations throughout Ohio and Indiana. We offer growers services in agronomy, grain, feed, propane and power fuels. Safety is one of our core values, and we hope to be an example to youth on the significance of safety within the agricultural industry.

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