Three members, (left to right) Emily Knouff, Cortney Norris and Nicole Allen, qualified and competed in the district job interview contest on November 19th.

Fort Loramie FFA members competes in Job Interview

Fort Loramie FFA members competed in the Job Interview Career Development Event recently. In the contest, students’ skills are tested through submitting a cover letter and resume, completing a job application, participating in a 15 minute interview and writing a follow-up thank you letter.

Seven members competed at the sub-district event hosted by the Botkins FFA chapter for a spot at the district competition. Austin Meyer and Nicole Allen competed in first year members’ division. Emily Knouff competed in second year members’ division. In the fourth year members’ division, Elizabeth Kunkler and Racheal Marchal competed. And Cortney Norris and Aubree Middendorf competed in the fifth division, a division reserved for first year junior members.

At the district competition in Brookville on November 19th, Allen, Knouff and Norris competed against other FFA members in District 5. Before competing, Knouff claims she felt well prepared for the contest and the overall experience helped her strengthen her public speaking abilities.  Both Knouff and Norris say the knowledge they’ve gained from the contest will help them for future interviews and encourage any and every member to participant in this CDE.

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