More questions for your seed rep

I strongly believe that your Seed Rep should be able to answer some tough questions whether he is working for Seed Consultants or some other seed company before you sign on the dotted line. If they can’t answer some of your questions, they should be able get the answers from an agronomist. Below are some more questions:

• Do you have a replicated testing program? How many locations do you have? Where are these locations in my state?

• Does your company enter their corn hybrids and soybean varieties in the university tests? How do you compare with the other brands? Can you explain what LSD means at the bottom of the yield tables and how to use it?

• Where do you produce your seed? How do you spread your risk of seed production? Can I depend on your company to supply me good seed every year?

• With the lower grain prices, you may have to budget tightly for the 2015 crop. You need to buy your seed from a dependable company that can provide good genetics along with reasonable prices.

• Ask your Seed Rep to explain the discounts completely. Do you have early order cash discount, volume discount, pick up discount?

• Do you have a payment plan? Make sure you understand what your payment options are and the terms for when payment is due and what if any penalties kick in, even if you’re foregoing discounts.

• Can you match your hybrids to my soil types? Can you guide me in varying my planting populations depending on my soil types? Focus more on Seed Reps who understand your soils and your management practices prior to recommending hybrids.

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