Randy Smith salvages barn wood.

Top stories of 2014

Our web site (ocj.com) keeps track of the stories that generate the most interest. We like to review the top stories for the year to gain insight into how to better serve readers of our web and print content and our radio listeners. Plus, it is always fun to see which story comes out on top. To revisit all of these favorite web stories and videos in the last year, visit ocj.com and look for “2014 top stories of the year” on the right side of the page.

In addition to these top posts, other noteworthy drivers of web traffic in 2014 included the Ohio and Pro Farmer crop tours, the Ohio State Fair livestock show results, Section 179, and the Ohio FFA Convention. All things draft horse related, the devastation of PEDv and the numerous weather challenges during the year also garnered major web traffic in the last 12 months. The most popular video of the year was “(A dairy parody) ‘Show kids got their white pants on.’”

Stay tuned as we count down the top posts of 2014 over the next week. Here is the tenth most popular stories of the year.

#10 Barn picker finds new uses for old barns

Barns are a treasured symbol of Ohio agriculture, but as many of them continue to age, they can become more of a liability for farms. Randy Smith has turned his love of barns into a profession. This self proclaimed “barn picker” tears down old barns and salvages the useable wood for other construction projects, giving a completely new life to the beautiful Ohio timbers of yesteryear.

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