Which cat are you ACTUALLY seeing in the woods in Ohio?

By Kim Lemmon, Ohio’s Country Journal

Reports of unusual sightings of big cats are not uncommon throughout the United States and Ohio. From celebrities like Uncle Si of Ducky Dynasty professing to have seen a large panther-like black cat to friends and neighbors quietly professing to have seen such a cat or its tracks in Ohio, it is certain that the Buckeye State is not excluded sightings of large cats in the wild.

I recently checked in with a Wildlife Communication Specialist with the Ohio Division of Wildlife and I asked her what ODNR’s thoughts were on mountain lions residing in Ohio.

Here’s ODNR’s official statement on cats in Ohio as of late-November 2014.

“Last summer, an off-duty wildlife officer spotted what he believes to be a mountain lion in Jefferson County. Nothing ever came of it after his reported sighting. No photos snapped by local residents of the county pre- or post-sighting by the officer, no trail camera photos, no scat, no hair/fur, no tracks, etc.

While we have a significant population of state-protected bobcats (which people sometimes confuse), there is no indication of wild cougars/mountain lions in Ohio. It’s been 100 years or so since the last wild mountain lion was confirmed in the Buckeye State.

We have received many unconfirmed reports of sightings over the years, but never anything concrete. Concrete data would include photos that can be confirmed as snapped in Ohio, scat, tracks, or the animal itself such as a road-kill. We have not received anything of the like thus far.

Mountain lions are very stealthy and secretive animals, so they’re tough to track and locate. That being said, we can’t confirm wild mountain lions in Ohio until evidence supports such.”

I was motivated to contact the ODNR because a Facebook page dedicated to Homesteaders in Morrow County recently suggested that local folks had spotted a large black cat and large cat footprints in a portion of the county. There was much local debate on the subject with some folks believing a panther resides in our county, while others believe a large bobcat was simply mistakenly identified as a panther.

About the same time that these rumors were surfacing, a loyal OCJ/OAN reader/listener left a comment on a black bear story on our website about their very own panther sighting in southern Ohio. They gave vivid details about their experience which follow:

“I didn’t want to say this, but since you are trying to make so much about a little-old black bear siting… Of which over here in Adam’s County is no big thing. We have bigger fish to watch-out for… Or should I say cats? My wife and I, returning home in the early afternoon a few hours before sunset, spotted Uncle Si’s big Black Panther. We were driving down, south on St. Rt. 247, and just before we got to the little bridge and guard rails before Greenbriar Rd., there, coming across the road right in front of us, from the west side to the east, was the largest black cat I’ve ever seen. It was larger than any I’ve seen in the many zoos we’ve been to. It was larger than all of those we’ve ever seen on all of the TV shows. Its tail was as long as it was, and together, they almost reached past being from the roads centerline to the berm. It didn’t bound, but ran in a fast, low run and didn’t jump or bound in any excessive motion until it went up the steep bank on the east side of the road. Even then it wasn’t excessive, but just one smooth, fluid motion as it disappeared into the brush. My wife and I have lived in the bush, homesteaded in, hunted and lived in, Alaska for ten years. We are familiar with a lot of common, wild animals. We’ve seen wolves and grizzly bears, moose, caribou and even wolverines, a few lynx, bobcats, beaver, coyotes and foxes, let alone deer and black bear and all of the other common small critters. This was a big, black cat that, we’ve come to know as a Black Panther. I suppose, now, you can put us down on your “Crazies” list too…”

So what do I think? I certainly don’t think any folks that claim to have seen a panther or mountain lion in Ohio are crazy, but I unfortunately haven’t been blessed with seeing one myself. I think there probably are some mountain lions in southern Ohio. I also think there are probably some living with darker coats than normal that can appear as black in certain lighting and look like panthers.

Do I think there is a cougar in Morrow County? Well, no but I’d love to be proven wrong as long as we can keep our citizens and our livestock safe while supporting the existence of such a large cat in the county.

Let’s keep an eye out through out the Buckeye state and be sure to send me photographic evidence of the cats you are seeing in the wilds of Ohio.

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  1. My dad Coonhunts in Jefferson County and Astabula he has described to me a few weird sightings and my dad has been coo hunting for over 40 years by himself. A particular area where he hunts off a road called Plank Road by some old railroad tracks he has described on more than one occasion cutting his dogs loose and them coming back to him tails tucked between there legs as if they were startled from something. He than described as seeing a Large Black Cat that was the size of a Large Dog. On another occasion he described seeing a Dog Like creature as he described it it barked like a larger Rottweiler but the looks like a Devil Dog has anybody else come across either?

    • I thought I saw the devil dog walking between the houses into a mini wildlife sanctuary in my night or hood in Cincinnati. I kept thinking it was a fox, but it was blacks moved more like a dog, that a cat or racoon. That’s why I’m on this sight to confirm that someone else also saw it too!

  2. Jonathan Bowling

    My sister built a house out in a wooded area (about 40 acres) in Lawrence County. My two nephews and sister have witnessed what they believe to be a large black panther. Long swooping tail. My two nephews have heard a low growl at times near their pond which is where ducks have recently been abducted by some critter. I didn’t know what to think at first until I went up on the hill with one of my nephews on a side by side and witnessed a large black cat which appeared to be about the size of my 14 year old black lab. I ran across your article and thought I would let you know. Feel free to email me back.

    • I know what you say is true, I live in Lawrence County, on two different times we have seen this elusive black cat. I am originally from Gallia County Ohio and there has to be more than one because growing up we seen a large black cat with a long swooping tail numerous times.

  3. I live in a small Town between Zanesville and Cambridge right off I-70. Our family has been camping down at AEP RecReation Land for well over a decade. Ive once seen a bear at my grandpas house near Cumberland ( 1/2 hour West) in Chandlersville. Ive seen Coyotes in Noble and even in Cleveland city limits. My wife once saw a “Big Cat” just outside tall Grass at Sawmill Campground about 5-6 years ago.
    Well, this past weekend, I saw a large Black Cat just about in the middle of state route 83 South, headed toward that same Sawmill campsite. This time I was traveling with my cousin from California for a weekend camping get a way. I saw it from behind the steering whell when I was about 75 feet away, I shockingly stated to Todd to was in the passenger seat, “Do you see that? That’s a cat”, he saw it as well. We both recall it having a dirty black color to its coat, not mangy or weathered but not solid or a sleel black. Just a dark blackish look. It was headed across the road to the East when it spotted us driving towards it. It quickly turned around from the direction it was coming from and in almost one smooth motion leapt into the high grass along the side of the road, disappearing instantly. It was the single largest cat I have ever seen in the wild. There is no doubt in my mind it was a cat by its movements and quickness. I recall it having a long tail that had a slight curl to it as it began to jump off the road. What type of cat exactly? I do not know. I will simply call it a “wild cat” when I re tell the scene. From my description and accounts though, along with my cousin Todd. The facts are this:
    Late afternoon sighting, in AEP Rec Land area ( within 2 miles of Cumberland, ohio) we saw a very large Dark (Blackish)Cat, pretty well groomed with a long tail, jump out of site from about 50-75 feet in front of us.
    There is no doubt that a cat a about any type could live out in this area with all of the small animals, water and endless natural terrain. Ill leave it up to you to have your opinion. It wont change mine. I am glad to have been able to see it and will certainly keep my eyes open for it in the future. Maybe a dash cam would be a good investment.

  4. 7/9 /16 My husband was walking our Standard-Sized Labradoodle in Northwest Columbus, in the area of the Natural Water Shed Preserve near Bethel Rd. and Sawmill Rd. at our apartment complex grounds , around a pond near a little woods and stream. A big yellow cat, half the size of our Labradoodle was laying on the hill watching them, until our dog looked at it. Then it ran into the woods. Our dog usually barks at cats, this time she didn’t, instead she stood up on her hind legs for the longest time looking into the woods. What do you think this cat was?

  5. I own a 100 acre farm in North Bend, Ohio (Hamilton County) and I have two images of what appears to be a Bobcat from a trailcam. Is this common or is this image something that Natural Resources would want to examine. I was not aware of large wild cats in Hamilton County. please advise. 513-265-1170

    • On June 11, 2017 around 8:30 (dusk) my dog and I were walking the horse fence line. Because of a walking problem I get around on our tractor. My small Westie was very agitated wanting to get on tractor in a hurry. I looked up and saw (some 80 ft approx ) a large black cat about 60 to 70 pounds down low going into the bushes along the stream. I am certain this was not any type of house cat. We have heard strange moaning sounds coming from the back field area over the past few nights. Normally when I am out I see our turkey herd of 10 to 12 in that area. We have not seen them in two days. We live just where the city stops and country still remains. In the 45247 area code. We have put up a trail cam now.

  6. The other night my husband and I were awakened by a horrendous “scream” at about 2 am. it happened two times about 30 seconds apart. The next morning i told my son about it and he said it woke him up as well. We are not sure what it could have been. Today I tried to “re-enact” the sound to my older son (who happens to be a hunter and very knowledgeable about wildlife. He said that bobcat make a sound like that. I looked up the sound bobcat make on the internet and it matched the sound. We live at Indian lake ohio near a woods and field.

  7. I saw them in Coshocton , Ohio when I was a child often crossing the back fields..Saw one me and my friend at the Naure Center a a teenages. As an adult I saw one black one and another in Clermont, County Ohio in the mid 1970″s I saw one Black One On Greenfield Lane near Florence Ky.. There are around..They never ran.Just walked away slowly…

  8. I live in Geauga county and the Amish around me swear they see a panther. I think they are seeing black bear as they have been fairly common for the past few years around here. Bobcat, I would certainly believe that. But I just have a hard time believing there are panther here. But, I guess stranger things have happened.

  9. I got to see a wolverine in Lorain county two years ago. It was in my backyard about 25 yards away. My wife saw it also. If you read about wolverines, you know it definitely shouldn’t have been anywhere around here. I can only think it was moving through or escaped from somewhere.

  10. There are definitely black jaguar in Ohio. My wife and I witnessed one turning on the motion light on the front of our barn in Trumbull County. He had been on our back deck and left tracks in the snow. Measurements suggest he weighed approximately 125#. I have tracked them the past few winters and have spotted one on two additional occassions. I have poured tracks if any one is interested.

    • I was wondering if you would mind placing a ruler by the tracks you have poured and share the photos with me. I live in a different part of the country but my area has a history of black cat sightings going back many years. I came across a track years back and hope to catch up to it again one day.

  11. Monday, October 24, 2016, on my way home from work (I work at Mercy Regional Medical Center in Lorain and was on Kolbe/Main just south of Jaeger) on the east side of the street there was a small herd of deer and on the west side of the street I clearly saw a beautiful bobcat in stalk mode having just come out of the wooded area into the open.

  12. In Oct. of 2015, about 8pm on Smithville Rd., maybe a quarter mile from Springfield St. Both my son and myself saw a very large black cat. It had a tail that was about two feet long and reached the ground with a curl at the end. The height from ground to head was about two and half feet. I have recounted this sighting many times and have not found anyone else that has seen or believes that we saw either. I have seen fox and cyote on that same strtch, there is also a very large sized herd of deer that frequents that area. If you have seen any thing resembling please give a shout so I am not alone.

  13. Has anyone heard of a bobcat sighting in the Gahanna area. I was fishing Rocky Fork Creek about 3 to 4 miles West of Hamilton road. This area has large ravines. I heard something moving in the leaves and saw a large cat which appeared to chasing prey. I was about yard saway. It had to weighh 25 to 30 pounds and was brownish yellowish.

    • I live in Delaware County and have heard sounds of bobcats outside my house in the wee hours of the dark morning. The other morning, areound 3:30-4:00AM, I sighted a bobcat in my headlights crossing the road in the vicinity of Jerome Rd and Brock Rd area while traveling by car toward Rt. 42.

  14. I have lived in Muskingum county, near Blue Rock State Park & Forest and AEP Lands now for over 10 years, frequently driving many of the back roads around here. I can add that I’ve personally seen coyote and bobcat here in Blue Rock. My neighbor has deer cam and photos of them.
    On Rural Dale Rd., a friend and I also saw a black panther cross the road in front of us a few years back. It was near dusk. It was definitely a black panther, being very long, sleek and stealthy, yet thickly muscled, very long tail with a slight curl at the end. I would estimate body length at appx. 4 feet, not including tail, with head close to body (very little neck if any). I know of 3 other residents that have also seen a solid black panther in this area or Chandlersville area over the years. This was definitely not a feral black cat nor a fisher cat as it was pretty huge for a ‘cat’.
    Additionally, this past summer, I stopped my vehicle in the middle of the dirt/gravel road (Rural Dale Rd.) I was traveling, to avoid hitting what appeared to be at first, a large coyote, but closer look, seemed to look more like a husky/German Shepherd? and have since decided after looking at photos that it was most likely a wolf or wolf hybrid. The animal was absolutely stunning, confident and stoic. It briskly and fearlessly walked toward and then around my vehicle. I watched in my rear view window. I backed my vehicle up to get a better look and hopefully take a pic but he/she went into the thick brush on the side of the road.
    My largest working dog is 85 lbs. and the dog?wolf I saw that day was at least that weight, or heavier.
    So far, have not seen nor heard any bear here personally, but a farmer in Chandlersville told me he saw a black bear outside his forested boundary in his pasture where horses are kept just a few days ago.
    My neighboring land owner to my land reports seeing wild hog (boar) on his land adjacent to mine. I personally have not seen them but do keep working dogs on regular patrol here, who routinely alarm bark, chase off or kill predators coming near my home or stock.

  15. my grandfather lives right outside of Chauncey, ohio in Millfield, and while hunting saw a large black cat.

  16. My ex wife, her sister, and sisters husband were night fishing at Salt Fork Lake and all of us witnessed a black panther kill and dismember a small deer about 100 yards from where we were fishing. I went back the next day and searched the area for tracks. Not only did I find tracks, but fur and lower leg of deer plus blood lying on ground in exact spot we observed attack. I told park rangers, but they acted like I was crazy.

  17. We were pulling into our driveway last evening Dec. 10, 2016 about 6:45 pm and a large tan very muscular cat ran across in front of us. He looked to weigh about 120+ pounds, ran very low to the ground , fast with a tail that appeared as long as he was. No snow yet, so no tracks. Lawrence township, stark county, between Alabama and Orrville st. 14901 Orrville st. NW

  18. I was very young in the 1960’s but I remember my older male cousins killing 2 black panthers at my grandmothers farm. Apparently no pictures were taken as I have been unable to find any, but I remember clear as day seeing these big black cats with my cousins. This was in Lawrence County Ohio in the 60’s and the area was called Panther Hollow.

  19. I live in Medina county. I was picking up my son at work, and as I turned right off Branch Rd onto 18, I saw the most beautiful large cat I have ever seen. It was the size of a large dog (Shepherd size), with a face so beautiful. Like a cougar. It was brownish in color. I wasn’t able to stop and take pics, it was so fast.

  20. I live in Coshocton Ohio and we have a mountain lion walking around our neighborhood. There is not only a close up picture of the cat but also a video I could send you from 2 days ago.

  21. I am an AMTRAK Engineer and saw a large tan Cat walking across the tracks as I left Cleveland early Sunday morning. I didn’t get a good look at it but looked too big to be bobcat. It had prey in its mouth as well.

  22. I was camping on a friends property in the middle of nowhere Vinton County. (Bray Hollow Rd. to be exact) It was Memorial Day weekend and we were up all night drinkin so of course being in my 40’s I had to get up just before sunrise to,,,,,,,, well,,,,,,,,,,, you know. When I got out of the tent I was absolutely amazed at the scene (it was that weird year [I think it was 2012] when it was like 90 degrees on that weekend and the Monarchs were already here) and there were millions Monarchs flitting around and the lightning bugs were already out! I was sure I drank too much the previous night! (Butterfly’s and blinking bugs at the end of May???) So I kinda walked down the road actually forgetting natures pangs for a bit. Then as I neared the little bridge over the creek, I started to hear what I thought was a human voice. A somewhat demented human voice. I can’t type what I heard but, it sounded like wailing but not “in pain” wailing. I stopped, a lil bit in fear of not being to identify what I was hearing. It was getting louder and more desperate sounding. I was TOTALLY confused!?! Then out from the right side of the grass just before the lil bridge, was a Very Large sandy / tawny colored cat. She even looked at me and mawed directly at me, then continued following the creek on the other side of the road. Having owned both dogs and cats, I instantly recognized the mawing as a female cat in heat. She could care less about me because I wasn’t what she was looking for! I thought “WoW!” I just saw a “Bobcat” in heat! So, I headed off to the side of the road to answer natures nagging call when I realized “Bobcats aren’t sandy/tawny colored?!” and “Bobcats don’t have long swoopy tails!?!”

  23. Before I moved to Ohio, I was born and raised in Howard County, Indiana, which is about 50 miles north of Indianapolis. In the Fall of 2001 my former husband and I were taking a leisurely drive near Mississiniwa Dam in Miami County, the county adjacent to Howard on the North. This area has boating, fishing, playgrounds, picnic areas and several campgrounds for both camper trailers and tents. It is in a rural area that is near family farms and corn fields. That day, we’d just drivèn across the top of the dam and were about a quarter of a mile past the public primitive (tents only) camping area when we saw a small dirt road leading into the park area we’d never noticed before and decided to explore it. Just a couple of hundred feet in, there was a dip in the road deep enough to hide the road ahead for just a few seconds. When our minivan topped the hill my husband slammed on the brakes. We sat silent in shock and disbelief as we watched, only about 15 yards in front of us, a black cat-like animal, with a body about 4 feet long, 2 1/2 feet high at the shoulder, with a thick tail as long as its body length. Everything about this animal, from its whiskers to its lean muscular 140 lb body and rolling shoulder movement was cat-like. It was so intently stalking a small bird on the ground on the opposite side of the road that it didn’t seem to be aware of us. When it got about 6 feet from the bird it suddenly pounced, but missed the bird as it flew up about 12 feet onto a low tree branch. As soon as all 4 paws hit the ground after the pounce, this animal leaped straight up in the air after the bird, with one arm stretched up higher as if trying to swipe at the bird, who got away again. I remember being amazed that, as its body turned in the air to land on all 4 feet, its long tail was swinging around in an arc, fully stretched out. It was pure explosive power and grace with no wasted movement. We still didn’t comprehend exactly what our eyes were looking at, but I felt absolute horror when it started to walk back to where it had come from across the road again in front of our car, wondering, if it noticed us, it would settle for us as a consolation meal. After what I’d just seen, smashing our window would be no problem for this animal. But it never even looked at us as it slowly slinked across the road and disappeared into some high brush, maybe because we were too scared to move. We drove to a nearby conservation office, where we were sure the officers were going to think we were nuts or on drugs. To our surprise, when we told them we thought a panther or mountain lion had got loose from the Indianapolis zoo, they hesitated, then admitted that they know about them. They said people would report what they thought was a woman screaming in the woods, but its the big cats, although they don’t tell them what it really is, fearing it would cause unnecessary panic. They said a lady once came running in fhe office hysterical, telling them that a deer was laying on the road in so many pieces that she was afraid a bear had done it. They assured her there were no bears, but neither did they tell her about the panthers/pumas/mountain lions. I was shocked they were so casual about this since there are campers in tents with kids playing outside, and food left outside overnight on tables etc. We didn’t tell anyone about this experience for several years, wrongly assuming no one would believe us, even though we were known to be honest people. But when we finally did, we were surprised at the amount of people who were relieved to know they were not the only ones who had seen them also, and some a lot closer to our own town!

  24. It’s been an every day occurrence this week and in the past several months seeing bobcats. There are two about 25 pounds, I think females, sometimes they are together. Neighbor saw a 40 pound bobcat, probably male. My nephew and his daughter while deer hunting saw a fisher cat, running around a tree chasing a squirrel. All of this is in Vinton County Zohio

  25. Sonia Tydingco Dannelley

    Today I was on the phone in my kitchen window here in Sidney,Ohio. From the side of neighbors house comes a big black cat with a house cat in its mouth. It took a second for me to to figure out what I was looking at. It was bigger than any bobcat and had a long tail. I tried to see where it disappeared to when it went in between house but no sure where I disappeared to. Concerned because the loca schools are right across the street.

  26. Yes we did see a cougar last evening and my son and grandson also saw it Monday evening. Also my niece and nephew it’s across field from their house

  27. I live in Farmersville, Ohio (in a platt) when some cat like animal (orange in color with black spots) broke through my gate and jumped my fence Sat morning (5-20-17) about 6 am. It got trapped in between my back 2 fences for a short time before breaking free.
    It was at least 5’long and apx 31/2-4’h with a slouched back. I couldn’t see the face as it was pacing to break free. My 2 small dogs were in the yard and it came through so fast my guess is it didn’t see them or they’d made a good breakfast for it !

  28. The northwest corner of 270 and 71 split I have a company sitting in the back and a cul-de-sac and I had spotted a big black cat butt was bigger than your average house cat but not as big as a panther and it’s black and it’s roaming around back there and people have animals and kids and stuff no I was just wondering if anyone else in the area had spotted one also

  29. I live in southern Ohio in the Beckett Ridge subdivision. and have experienced several sightings of large mountain lion- like cats, Once one was loping along the tree line – creek area in my backyard, and again on the golf course as I was taking a stroll one evening. I also saw a bobcat run across the road in front of my headlights one evening when I was coming home from Mason.

  30. Saw somebody mentioned a large cat near AEP reCreation land. In 2002, my at the time of and I were camping there and were approached by a park official who told us he one where a cougar den holding a few Cubs was located. He didn’t elaborate and we didn’t press him for details. Wish we would have…

    A couple years ago my wife mentioned she had seen a what she thought was a black panther on her way to visit me (I lived in rural Athens County at the time). Her encounter happened several years prior, but she never mentioned it for fear of ridicule. Interestingly, in that same time frame, an old friend mentioned his neighbor claimed to have seen one…the locations of the two incidents are only about a mile apart as the crow flies. Can’t help but wonder.

  31. I live in morrow county ohio along alum creek about 7 miles from where alum creek starts. I was in the woods one day trying to relax cause I was overwhelmed so I walked to alum creek which is about 150 yards from our house I was thinking to myself this will be relaxing all peaceful and serene well as I got to the creek I began to take my shoes off to wade in the water and thinking about relaxing the overwhelmed feeling left but just to be directly followed by a very intense heavy feeling that something was watching me and in my head something weirdly was saying (COUGAR) ! I don’t know why it’s just what hit me I didn’t panic well I maintained composer as best as I could for being unarmed first thing I thought to do was grab a ball bat sized club and then my shoes and went directly to the middle of the stream. Now Mon reason I can think I did thisi would guess is most cats are afraid of water but I highly doubt a cougar would be not around here the water is on average 18 inches that would be somewhere around the knees of a man that is about 6 feet tall and my guess on a full grown cougar probably around it’s belly so if so they wouldn’t be scared. Anyways as i walked up steam i would say about 180 yards give or take a few i kept watch and kept to the middle this way if whatever gave me the feeling of fear like I was being observed as prey were to attack me I would atleast possibly have a chance to hear water splash or something before I was turned into human steak. Well as I made my way to the end of the journey up stream I came upon a path that my father had made a long time ago. I felt a little relief but not completely cause it was still about 120 yards up the path to be out of the woods. The feeling wasn’t no where near as strong by now but still there and I didn’t feel no relief til I was about 25 yards from the edge of the woods. When I had returned back to the house I told everyone how everything felt and happened my mother asked if I was drunk or on something and my dad thought I was crazy. Well much to their surprise later that day my brother and I decided to take a walk back to the creek after I grabbed my. 22 rifle just in case. As we got near the stream there was another path we made that parallels the water and sort of like an 4 way intersection we started looking around walked north about 10 yards and turned back around cause where it took place was south of where we was. No sooner than we arrived back to about 10 feet from the path leading to the stream I happened to look down and their I seen it it was just bigger than my palm as I laid my palm beside it to get a comparison the track we discovered was about 4in tall and about 5in wide I took several pictures. After finding this we continued south on the paralleling path and we went slow and was cautious like we were the stalkers now and as we neared the place where I took my shoes off and entered the water earlier we was about twenty yards from that spot when out of the corner of my eye I seen a movement I turned as fast as I could and altogether still didn’t get a clear view though I can tell you the main mass of the body was identical to the same size as an adult deer but I noticed the coat unlike deer or cougars which typically are brownish this flash I saw was black with what looked to be like grey hairs as if it had the pepper look going on. Also I insantly realized that for as fast as it took off I surprisingly heard no sound no nothing quite as the air. Which tells me it definitely was not a deer cause anyone that has jumped a deer can tell you they make some noise and they don’t care. I have yet to see anything else but I haven’t done much more to investigate this all took place somewhere around mid May 2017. I plan on getting deer cams up soon just haven’t yet. And the phone I took pics with my 22 month old baby boy thought needed a bath I the dogs water bowl i doubt the pics can be saved but in meet future i am going to see if i can retrieve them. Believe me or not i know what happened i know it ain’t no deer, bear, bobcat, or any wildlife that is known to this area.

  32. Had something unusual happen this past weekend (July 15th). My wife and I where visiting some of eastern Ohio we where staying at the Hampton Inn in Fairlawn Ohio. A while before dusk I looked out of the hotel room window and in the parking lot next to the hotel behind the Hampton Inn I saw what I thought was a dog sitting near the edge of the lot, It was black and around the size of a Black Lab, I watched for less then 10 seconds and it started to move, it had the low shoulders and higher hind quarters of a cat as well as a cat like tail. In a nut shell I do not know what I saw but if someone where to ask me I would saw a cat about the size of a large dog. The sighting was to short and I could not get to my camera and my wife did not see it. We went to get a desert soon after that and I drove over to the area the creature headed toward, there was no easy access and there is a pond behind the brush at the edge of the parking lot.

  33. Driving to work from southern Ohio to Columbus by way of 23 North at approximately 6 am on Saturday July 29th, 2017 saw movement about 200 feet off 23 near 270 exit between tree line and crop field, it appeared to be a large cat, tan to light brown color. Initial thought was a bob cat which I have seen in the wild as well as black bears, this had a longer thin “cat”tail. I would have went back to explore the area for prints but location had no turnarounds , plus had limited time.

  34. I was sitting in my living room approx 1 month ago and some kind of much larger than house cat long thin legged animal ran Down my driveway. In broad daylight. I was taken a back. Not sure what I saw. My boyfriend made fun of me. Thinking i was seeing things. Then this past weekend. July 30, we were driving down our road again in broad daylight and saw the same cat. Now he believes me. We can’t pin pin what is was. It had a darker brown coat. looked like a bobcat but the legs were long and thinner than the pictures we’ve seen of bobcats.
    I’ve lived in that neighborhood for over 30 years and this is my first sighting. But i have chickens now…. Thats probably the attraction.

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  36. I was in West Union in Adams county some years ago collecting fossils on a creek bed in an extremely rural area. I was walking in the creek bed when I noticed some movement to my forward right. I stopped and so did this animals movement. I instantly had the feeling I was being stalked. I have owned big cats of all varieties and knew what was happening. When the movement stopped it stood in the brush and watched me. After a few moments it began a low pitch growl and moved forward a little so I could now see a flank of the animal and the camo pattern which I have NEVER seen on any wild cat. The pattern vaguely resembled that of an ocelot ( south American bush cat) but then again much different. This animal was much larger than an ocelot and it was definitely not afraid of humans. It remained there growling for some time so I chucked a rock to try to scare it off, it didn’t move an inch and continued growling. I decided what ever this was had won the day so I backed away incase it charged and left the creek bed post hast.
    Later in my visit to Adams county I went with a friend to a trappers house to pick up something. As we were leaving I noticed he had a skin with the exact same markings on the side of one of his sheds. I regret not asking him where he trapped that animal and exactly what it was. Has anyone seen anything like this? This was no known cat species that I know of, hybrid maybe?

  37. So glad I’m not alone. I’ve seen the black panther twice now. I live in Harpersfield, Ohio, Ashtabula county. First time was early March of this year. We still had some snow on the ground and I had taken our two pups out for their potty break. It caught my eye real quick because of the snow and the fact that it was jet black. It was down the road with it’s head, shoulders and front legs in the ditch at the side of the road. It was three houses down but even from that distance I knew it was a large animal but couldn’t figure out what it was because all that was visable was the entire back end. It had a long tale and I knew it was feline. I called my husband to the door and he leaned out for a look but was not interested so he went back in. so did i because it was cold….spring came and then summer..I had the pups in the side yard where they can run and roam around in a section that I have fenced in 30 by 40 feet and have flowers and shrubs planted in there so it’s a nice area to sit and enjoy during the summer because the outside are of this enclosure is nothing but woods and we have lots of shade. We had spent about an hour there when I decided that it was time to go in. The routine is to leave and turn east so we can head up to the front of the house and check out the other flowers before going in. So, there we were heading to the front when something told me to look North where the woods were. We were almost to the corner of the house when I looked and there was a black panther sitting in the woods just like a normal cat would sit only this cat was three feet tall! Jet black, large yellow eyes and it was watching me….I had the distinct feeling it had been watching me for a while and the fear that instantly gripped me was something I had never experienced before in my entire life. Basically because I knew that black panthers are not supposed to be in Ohio. I couldn’t get in he house fast enough. But I never took my eyes off of it. It stayed there and watched me the entire time it took me to get in the house. It stayed motionless like a statue but it’s eyes were so alive and following me. I haven’t seen it since. But I don’t go into the side yard any more and my husband and I have dug up all the plants and shrubs and put them in the front yard because I can’t care for them in the side yard any more.

  38. I was in southern Morgan County Ohio, just a few miles east of Beverly, travelling on a gravel road when I saw a creature cross to road about 50 yards in front of me. I pointed and said, “What was that?” to my wife who was sitting beside me. Seeing the profile of its head, I first noticed that it did not have a long muzzle like one would see on a dog. From where I was, its face appeared to be somewhat flat. It wasn’t until I looked at the tail that I was sure it was a mountain lion. One thing that threw me off was its color: It appeared to be gray, not the color I was used to seeing. I was able to see it for three seconds before it disappeared in the tall grass. It wasn’t running — just crossing the road at a decent pace.

  39. I was in southern Morgan County, Ohio, just a few miles east of Beverly, travelling on a gravel road when I saw a creature cross to road about 50 yards in front of me. I pointed and said, “What was that?” to my wife who was sitting beside me. Seeing the profile of its head, I first noticed that it did not have a long muzzle like one would see on a dog. From where I was, its face appeared to be somewhat flat. It wasn’t until I looked at the tail that I was sure it was a mountain lion. One thing that threw me off was its color: It appeared to be gray, not the color I was used to seeing. I was able to see it for three seconds before it disappeared in the tall grass. It wasn’t running — just crossing the road at a decent pace.

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  43. I saw a black panther when I was in England… I every once in a while check to see who has seen one in Ohio, where I live. I highly recommend the book Mystery Big Cats by Merrily Harpur. She carefully debunks every theory for how such creatures could actually exist, and yet acknowledges that sober, serious and otherwise reliable folks DO see them, and offers some fascinating perspective re what they might be… happy hunting!

  44. Was fortunate to be in Nelsonville, Ohio this past weekend and began hiking on this large piece of property with a cottage on it.
    We started walking part of the property when my friend noticed some well formed footprints in an area that was dried mud.
    We took a few pictures but did not have anything available to measure so we used a plastic water bottle to compare the size.
    Went back to cottage and started looking up description of prints and one stood out amazingly close!
    We believe it was a cougar!

  45. Its October 12th, 2017…just pulled camera cards on the 11th. I have a cat picture for people to see. He is pretty good size….im guessing 60 plus pounds….my dog is 65 and he appears larger.
    This is in jefferson county, oh close to Rayland.

  46. We just saw a bobcat run across 33, south of Arhens at around 11:10 PM. So the big kitties are out there!

  47. I have deer hunted my whole life in Ohio. I am 59, this year on Thursday Nov 30 2017 I seen something I couldn’t believe. I seen a very large cat in a field while hunting. It was in a field way off the road. In Washington Co. At first I thought it was a deer. It was dark in color and as it turn sideways it had a long sweeping tail. I watched it for maybe 5 min. through my binoculars.I was maybe 100 yards away and seen it clearly. It had to of been around noon that day.

  48. While deer hunting today in Chesterland (Geauga County) saw a large black cat, approximately 3′ long with a long sweeping tail. I would estimate 50-60 lbs. Had it clearly in my shotgun scope at 100 yards and watched it for 30-45 seconds. Could not believe what I was seeing. It was moving slowly, like it was stalking something. I sat there stunned, thinking, did I just see a panther in Northeast Ohio?

  49. 2016 deer season in Morgan county near Burr Oak, my Brother harvested a Doe and hung it outside his cabin in a Pine tree. Next morning the hind quarter was eaten. A slight dusting snow below showede large cat tracks. Not a bobcat track although we have photos from trail cams and have seen them while hunting. Tracks were photographed and sent to odnr and they said most likely Cougar.

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