Farm Machinery Show Valentine

I know I can be a burden around this time of year,

Because the ground is frozen and winter time is here.

I’ve got all my shop work caught up, and it’s too to cold to be out today,

And when I spend my days in the house I just end up in your way.

So my gift to you my darling, is that I’ll just go

With a bunch of buddies to Louisville for the Farm Machinery Show.

I simply love you too much dear to give a simple rose,

Or chocolates, or candy or lingerie or a pedicure for your toes.

You are wonderful in every way, and deserve some time to relax on your own,

You can read a book or take a nap or talk to a friend on the phone.

You could cuddle on the couch with me, but now you won’t have to hear me snore,

And you can wear the “I Luv my Hubby” t-shirt I got you the year before.

And don’t you fret even one moment for me because I want you to know,

How very much I’ll be thinking of you, my love, at the Farm Machinery Show.

This sacrifice I am willing to make — to trade your warm touch for cold, hard iron.

To miss out on your beauty at the tractor pull, I’ll try to keep from cryin.’

My love for you cannot fit in a grain cart, and it’s stronger than horsepower,

With engines, tractors, tires, pliers, gun safes and sprayers I’ll bide the hours.

It will grieve my heart to be apart, but they say distance makes love grow,

And I may even buy you a new skid steer at the Farm Machinery Show.

I’m lug nuts over you sweet lover from the Farm Machinery Show.

Happy Valentine’s Day honey!

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