Field trip to Huntington University by Anthony Wayne FFA

On Wednesday the 19th, nine of our chapter’s students, along with students from other FFA chapters from Ohio and Indiana visited Huntington University on an agricultural field trip. While there, students embarked on a journey of modern agriculture in today’s society.  Students had the wonderful opportunity hear from a panel of guest speakers and successful industry professionals.  The key speaker for the event was Dr. David Kohl, a retired business professor at Virginia Tech, he talked about the future of agriculture and economics, not only in the United States, but on a global scale. His passionate and enthusiasm about the industry in both the past and the future were evident. Dr. Kohl’s past linked him so closely with Agriculture and helped to fuel his passion for the industry. Serving as a New York state officer, he later went on to teach agricultural finance and small business management.  It was obvious that he was trying to ignite the same flame within the students present at the event. Hannah Mitchell, one of the students who attended the field trip said, “I really enjoyed getting to know the different people that spoke, and they were really engaging. They helped me learn different aspects of ag business and the school itself.”  They also got to hear a little bit about Huntington University and some different aspects of their agriculture classes, including a new Agrimissions major, drone flying, and overall agribusiness offered at Huntington.  The trip broadened the eyes of attendees to the global playing field of world economics that Agriculture currently resides on.

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