No spreading manure on frozen ground!

They say I should not apply manure in the snow,

And they’re writin’ up legislation to make sure that I know.

And I’ll do my part, take it to heart, to get cleaner water, that’s for sure,

But of geese and politicians, who spreads the most manure?

So when there’s too much P in the water, and the politicians scowl,

Should they be crying “FARMER!” or should we be crying fowl?




No manure application on frozen ground! Wait until the new water quality laws are on the books, then this kind of fowl play will be outlawed.
No manure application on frozen ground!


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  1. LOL….hit the nail on the head. Kinda reminds me of how often I have seen local Governments spraying road ditches with a spray tank on a truck and applying the spray with a garden hose and spray nozzle.

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