Members of the Zane Trace FFA Agriculture Sales team: Ann Shelby, Olivia Pflaumer, Kevin Daubenmire and Nathanael Freeman

Zane Trace members compete in district ag sales

In mid-February, four members of the Zane Trace FFA chapter traveled to Lancaster High School to participate in the District 7 Ag Sales Career Development Event.  As part of the competition, members prepared a sales presentation for an agriculture related product and attempted to complete a mock sale to a panel of judges.  Members also completed a practicum in sales prospecting and answered questions about sales and marketing in an online test.  This year’s team consisted of Nathanael Freeman, Ann Shelby, Kevin Daubenmire and Olivia Pflaumer.  The group placed 9th out of 12 teams in the competition with Nathanael having the highest individual score.

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