Endless mowing

By Kim Lemmon, Ohio’s Country Journal

I recently made a significant reduction in livestock numbers at our place. I was having trouble justifying the expense and the work required to care for so many critters so I decided it was time to make a change. The change wasn’t an easy one, but it has significantly lightened my livestock related workload and expenses.

The one side affect to reduced livestock numbers that I had not foreseen was the reduction in grass eating power now residing in our barn. With less critters, I buy less feed, but I also have less natural grass mowers. This spring I have spent a lot of time mowing grass.

I will admit that I might be overdoing it a little bit with the regularity of my mowing, but shorter grass is easier and faster to cut through and our rotary cutter has been in need of repair for some time. The lack of a usable larger field mower means that this spring I have spent much time seated on a riding mower while mowing not only the yard but the small field beside our house that used double as a pasture and arena but is now just an arena. By the time, I finish mowing, it seems like it is time to start over on another section of grass again.

This seemingly endless mowing does become tiresome at times, but at least the weather is nice, and with less livestock to feed next winter, I won’t be worried about running out of hay when the snow is flying. I’ll take an extra ride or two on a riding mower any day to ward off the winter fears of running out of hay.

I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling the pressure of endless mowing this time of year.

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