This feral hog was photographed in Delaware County in February 2015.

Feral hogs photographed in Central Ohio

By Kim Lemmon, Ohio’s Country Journal

Though ODNR has yet to confirm feral swine reside in Central Ohio, a Delaware County resident has photographic evidence that hogs reside on his livestock farm.

According to ODNR, “feral swine are a combination of Eurasian wild boar and escaped or neglected domestic swine. Introduced to the United States in 1539, they are now present in at least 35 states. Feral swine cause significant damage directly to agricultural crops and property, as well as natural resources each year. “

Though this particular invasive species may taste good, it is clear the damage feral swine cause far outweighs their deliciousness. Because of the destructive nature of feral hogs, most Ohio residents do not wish to see this form of wildlife on their property.

This map reveals ODNR confirmed populations of feral swine. Map courtesy of ODNR.
This map reveals ODNR confirmed populations of feral swine. Map courtesy of ODNR.

According to ODNR, “currently, known breeding populations of feral swine have been confirmed in Adams, Ashtabula, Athens, Belmont, Gallia, Hocking, Jackson, Lawrence, Monroe, Ross, Scioto, and Vinton counties.”

Despite the fact that ODNR has yet to verify their presence in Central Ohio, the Delaware County resident that photographed feral hogs on his property has noticed signs of feral hogs for the last several years.

“The first indication that we had was some time between Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2013 when we found some scat on the edge of the field,” he said. “We did an Internet search and the closest match that we could find was pig scat.  Now that my wife has a pet pig, I can definitely say that it was pig scat.”

In addition to scat, this Delaware County farmer has seen further evidence of hogs on his property the last few years.

“We have seen a bit of rooting evidence near the barn and some in the field,” he said. “It doesn’t appear that there are more than a couple of pigs on the property at this point.”

According to ODNR,  “ridding Ohio of feral swine will take cooperation between wildlife managers, agricultural producers and hunters. Hunters can aid in removal of swine and are encouraged to do so as opportunities arise. There is no closed season on feral swine.”

The feral hog in the photo with this blog was captured on a trail camera in February of 2015 in Delaware County, Ohio.

Has anyone else seen evidence of feral hogs outside of the regions confirmed to be home to feral swine in Ohio? I hope the answer is no, but if you have be sure to report sightings by e-mail to the ODNR Division of Wildlife (

Also leave your comments below or send photos to about your experiences with the feral hog population that unfortunately seems to be spreading in Ohio.

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  1. have seen much rooting and tracks on my property and others in northern Richland county

    • Looking for permission to hunt wild hogs in Ohio on private property. Please let me know if you have a hog problem.

    • Mr Powers,
      Are you still seeing hog sign on your property or heard or know of anyone who is. I hunt hogs and I will come free of charge and help anyone.

  2. Any chance of getting permission to come and hunt hogs

  3. My Son & I are looking to help Farmers get rid of Wild Swine,please let us know.

  4. I would b happy to help any farmers with hog problems i have farmed my whole life i no what a problem this can b

  5. Today is October 31, 2018

    Traveling Interstate 77 on my way from Canton to Charlottesville, VA. I spotted three road kills and the first two were too mangled for me to identify. The third made the light bulb to on: wild hogs. Probably not full grown and the first two were bristles blood and legs while the head shape of a pink pig was clearly defined in the last.

  6. i will go along with the other guys, if anyone needs to clear their farm of hogs let me know, i know i have a group of guys that will be more than willing to give it a try to clear out as many as possible

  7. We just came from Cuyahoga Falls…My son is looking for a place to hunt wild hog..we are in Athens until Wednesday the 26th…all suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

  8. If needed my team will come and take care of your hog issue just need an adress and dates

  9. Would love permission to hunt on private land to get rid of hogs

  10. Hog hunting

  11. Two experienced hunters available to hunt wild hogs on private property to help get rid of them. No charge.
    Call or text 614-361-3645

  12. I’m a coyote hunter in Williams county Ohio. Would very much like to hunt hogs .. I’m retired will go anywhere anytime 419-924-9860 my name is Doug

  13. looking for a place to hunt wild hogs.

  14. Morgan and Hocking County for sure. I am a prosfessional trapper and know their sign when l see it.
    Even when running my trap lines,! always have a weapon of large enough caliber to dispatch them.

  15. I am looking for a place to hunt wild hogs in Ohio. I am interested in hunting on private property. I am willing pay to hunt on the property. I live in Preble County Ohio and have always wanted to hunt wild hogs. I am an experienced hunter, who has been hunting for 60 + years. If anyone knows about a place please either email me or call-text me at 937-533-5827. My friend is submitting this for me as she has access to computer and can email or text back. I am not into texting nor do I have email. However, she can take the information and pass it on to me. Then I can call to get further information. I would greatly appreciation any help locating a place to hunt in Ohio. My name is JB Asher and my friend’s name is Linda Hale.

    Thank you,
    JB Asher

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