New lamb industry studies

Two new studies that came out of the Lamb Industry Roadmap project have been completed and are now available.

Lamb demand analysis: Understanding and measuring demand is key to the development of sound pricing strategies, which lead to profitability and to the development and targeting of effective advertising campaigns, promotional activities and educational efforts. Understanding demand also helps gauge the success and effectiveness of the Roadmap Demand Creation committee goals as well as lamb checkoff dollars invested. This study, conducted by Juniper Economic Consulting, Inc., should also help the industry better understand the elasticity of demand (consumer sensitivity to changes in price) and help the ALB and its industry partners tailor lamb promotions.

Lamb quality audit: Assessing Perceptions Regarding American Lamb Quality in Foodservice and Retail Markets. This study, conducted by Colorado State University and Ohio State University, was designed to quantify and benchmark perceptions regarding American Lamb quality at the retail and foodservice sectors. Perceptions have been ranked and willingness-to-pay estimates for lamb quality attributes have been established. Retail and foodservice samples of lamb were also acquired throughout the country (retail stores and foodservice outlets); label information, packaging and characteristics of the product were assessed. A strategic emphasis on quality attributes identified in this research should strive to ensure that eating satisfaction and lamb flavor are optimized for American Lamb.

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