Suzette Vastano with Apple Farm Service decided to check out how deep the water really was near Covington

Big rains swamp Ohio

A steady dose of heavy rains over the last few days for many parts of the state has created a number of dangerous situations for people and challenging situations for crops. Impassable roads, significant flooding and saturated crop fields were common throughout the state yesterday.

The northwest part of the state was the hardest hit with flood warnings being issued early in the day for nearly every county in the northeastern quarter of the state. Logan County and Allen County were particularly bad with flooding conditions.  Counties in southeastern, central and eastern Ohio were added to the flood warning list later in the day. The Heritage Cooperative even cancelled work at its headquarters in Logan County due to the high number of road closures and serious flood conditions in the area early in the day. Rains are predicted to continue around the state into next week with possibly another 3 to 5 inches of rain as the remaining remnants of Tropical Storm Bill move into the Ohio Valley.

There is certainly potential for extensive yield loss and damage to growing crop fields around the state, though only time will reveal the extent of the damage.

“It was all up and beautiful — now this happened,” said a Logan County farmer about his crops. “Now all we can do is pray.”

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