This little goat seems to enjoy her time in the sink.

Goat enjoys luxurious long baths

By Kim Lemmon, Ohio’s Country Journal

This past spring, I spent much time washing a little goat named Sugar. Sugar was new to our little herd at the time, but I got to know her quickly because she developed a skin issue that require regular baths.

Despite the fact that these baths took place in the house in a utility sink using warm water, Sugar was never to sure that she liked getting wet. After showing her initial displeasure at being wet though, this funny little goat would sit down in the sink and let me soap her up and scrub her.

The baths were lengthy as the special soap had to stay on her wet skin for about 10 minutes, but Sugar never seemed to mind. She always sat quietly while I made sure the soap covered every nook and cranny of her body. She seemed to enjoy spending time in the sink.

Goats never cease to entertain me. I would never have thought that I would own a bath-loving goat.

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