Anthony Wayne FFA members participate in the udder toss as a part of the Ag Track and Field events

Anthony Wayne FFA hold Track and Field Day

The Anthony Wayne FFA Chapter recently held their first meeting of the school year. Prior to this meeting there was a Track and Field day for students to attend. Each officer had a team and students choose which team they wanted to be on. They then competed in different activities to see who won. These activities included an obstacle course, a hanging donut to eat off of the string, greased watermelon contest, and corn on the cob eating contest. There were also two team activities, one was called udder toss where there was a latex glove filled with water and students tossed the glove as if it was a balloon. The other activity was called egg scrambler, and in this activity one student was blindfolded and the other student tried to direct them to find the most eggs. Finally there was one team activity where teammates dressed up one team member with newspaper and masking tape.

After all the activities had been completed and the scores tallied up, there was an FFA meeting and a separate parent meeting. During the FFA meeting there were candy bar medals handed out to the top three teams from the track and field day. Ava Siwa, a member who participated in multiple events said, “It was really fun and I got to meet new people.”

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