Which comes first the KITTEN or the egg?

By Kim Lemmon, Ohio’s Country Journal

As you can probably imagine, I have many Facebook friends who, like me, enjoy sharing photos of their critters. Due to the amount of cuteness that constantly clutters my screen through Facebook, it takes a tremendous cute overload to impress me. Recently a Facebook friend of mine, Jeanne Beth Murphy of Glenwood City, Wis., was able to break through my cute filter to impress me with a photo.

Murphy shared this incredibly adorable photo of kittens being babysat by a chicken named Queenie. It seems that the hen had chicks of her own so when the mama cat needed a break, she left her kittens for the hen to watch along with her own brood.

The photo had the following caption: Our tiny Bantam hen and her sweet brood.. some of her sons and daughters seem to be of questionable heritage.. LOL

Of course many comments and questions were left with the photo. As it turns out, the hen seems to be a happy and protective babysitter.

“If it is in her nest she is the mom. She keeps them warm at night and safe until Mommy Kitty comes to feed her kittens. They all share the nest,” she said. “Oh and there are 5 kittens and 5 chicks.. all are so cute huddled up together…I love this hen. She sure does not mind free loaders in her nest, but DO NOT try to touch her children. Even the kittens are off limits while she is there.. all momma tiger.”

Hopefully this cute photo and story will give you a smile and help you have a great start to your day.

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