Yetter compact residue managers incorporate new, convenient features

Yetter Manufacturing is releasing new product features for the Short Titan series. The product models with the new features include the 2967-029A/2967-097A Short Titan™ with operating widths of 22–40ʺ and the 2967-013A / 2967-014A Short Narrow Titan with operating widths of 15ʺ–22ʺ.

The Short Titan series’ new design has features that allow for more convenient and faster installation of the Precision Planting CleanSweep. The 2967-029A / 2967-013A now have welded ear tabs on the faceplate, whereas the previous model required the pivot tab for the cylinder to be bolted on. The redesigned handle also provides a contact point when the residue managers reach maximum travel and a mounting point for the cylinder.

The 2967-097A/2967-014A include these improved features as well, but they have also been designed to become more universal by utilizing the 2966-097 mounting kit. The 2967-097A / 2967-014A are the combination of the 2967-029A /2967-013A with the 2966-097 kit, which is the mounting plate with hardware. As a result, should a grower choose to switch planters (for example, John Deere, Kinze, CNH, or AGCO), instead of purchasing new residue managers, they now can transfer their existing models to the new planter. The 2966-097 also allows for faceplate-mounted attachments to be mounted on CNH planters by only purchasing the mounting kit.

With the new design our customers will spend less time installing the CleanSweep cylinder to their residue managers or changing brands of planters by making the residue managers more universal with the faceplate mounting kit.


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