Mountain Monsters: Trapper is not dead

Destination America
John “Trapper” Tice. Photo provided by Destination America.

By Kim Lemmon, Ohio’s Country Journal

Update: Trapper passed away Dec. 2019.

I am pleased to confirm that despite rumors to the contrary in January of 2016, Trapper from the television series “Mountain Monsters” is alive and well.

A publicist for Discovery Communications, Inc. and “Mountain Monsters” confirmed he is in good health after a cliff hanger during one of the episodes left fans worried he had passed away.

“I’m happy to confirm that Trapper is alive and well,” a publicist for the network said. “At the end of the 2016 season premiere, there was a cliffhanger revealing that Trapper had a medical emergency. In reality Trapper’s health scare occurred last spring, and fans will see in this weekend’s episode that he is now in recovery and on the mend!”

Comments and messages of condolences were left on my blog from several years ago, Mountain Monsters: The inside scoop. I’m not sure why so many folks were sure Trapper had passed away, but I’m happy to report he is doing well.

“Please let your readers know that his health will be addressed in the episode airing this Saturday, Jan. 30 at 10/9c,” the same publicist requested.

As with everything on the Internet, it is important check your facts closely before starting rumors, that’s why I went directly to a publicist for the network on which the series airs.

I’m thankful she was willing to share his health status and confirm he is “alive and well.”

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  1. I like the show…it’s great entertainment!!!!!
    But what I Do Not like is the fact that You Guys NEVER give Wild Bill the credit he’s due !! Yes Willy is a great engineer for his creations of different traps,but let’s Not forget that Wild Bill bust his butt to Help Build those Traps !! I don’t think that anyone of you would appreciate that one or more of the guys would leave you out of Whatever the Team does. I mean ..Seriously…Jeff is soooo IRRITATING with using that damn FLIR….He doesn’t even carry a Rifle for goodness sakes !!! Wild Bill cracks me up!!! For an entertaining type of show He BRINGS A LOT to the show. Do the rest of you need to show him some RESPECT !!!
    I also like Buck….He NEVER let’s his weight hold him back from climbing up rough toureign or swinging from limbs and sliding down steep slopes !! He’s pretty cool. Now Huckleberry is funny too…love those Hillbilly dances he does.!! I like the way he’s the protector of the entire team. I’m happy to hear that Trapper isn’t dead…he’s alive and kicking!! He makes me laugh every time he’s Pissed @ those Bigfoot !!
    Whether or not Bigfoot is real or not I truly look forward for Saturday night for the New Episodes . I make sure my dvr is set for the Series Record just in case I’m not available to watch it. Keep up the good work Willy aND Wild Bill building those awesome traps !! Look forward to see Trapper again. Hope his recovery is going well. Buck Huckleberry keep making me laugh. Jeff I hope to see you bring more to plate in the future. For God’s sake please carry a hanky…that’s not what people are looking to see !!! That’s disgusting to see in the Episode Raven Mockery !!!! Ewwww…..

    • Everybody also knows that when you hunting you dnt scream and holler at eachother while ur in the woods in the spot to catch something. Yall do it the whole time…no wonder yall can’t catch anything…cuz u scared it away. I hav yet to see yall catch anything. Sometimes I think it’s all fake acting. Makes me wonder n I’m sure I’m not the only 1

  2. Opppsss…I meant ..Episode Raven Mocker…what’s the point of Spell check…….It Doesn’t Even Work!!
    Keep up the Comedy Bigfoot Show

  3. I love Mountain Monsters, I just wish they would show Wild BIll some respect .What Branches of the service was all of them in?

  4. I do like the show, my grandson and I watch it a very week keep up the good work.

  5. Me and my son watch your show. But the language needs to quit. Kids love this show too.

  6. Great to hear Trapper is doing good. Get better Trapper. I would like to go on a sasquach hunt with the team. Please let me k pooiw if that’s possible. Cameron Tedder Of Glade Springs Va. 24340. I AM A TRUE believer. And fallower. I also have a good idea bout who’s bird dogging y’all. My friends and I realy enjoy y’all s show. Can’t wait till ya Catch one of these animals and show the world the trueth. Be care full we will be watching ya. Get Back ta work Trapper, Even the champ has to sleep sometime,but napp time is over.

  7. Trapper catch the rouge team and kick their butts like a man

  8. Can’t wait for trappers return. Maybe he could help these guys by doing. references.

  9. First off this is one of my absolute favorite shows of all time! I just can’t get enoug! AND VERY WELL! but I am worried about trapper and hope he comes bacKuick and easy! very well. But it’s been a to know what happened. I would think that the fans would love to know so that we can give them more support and spread the word! Thanks you all for everything you do exclamation point! I couldn’t be more proud!

  10. Come back soon Trapper, love the show!

    • Good to hear that you are doing well. I can’t wait to see you back on the show. Miss you so. When will you be back and the new series. Thanks

  11. Thank you for the show we are in jackson county jackson ohio .. we life in the country .. I’m a city girl l ol hope you get feeling better will be praying for you and the team ..

  12. It would seem every (other) county in the country has a local legend about a Giant, an oversized Wolf like creature,one of the the many versions of Big Foot?
    The (latter) saw a “Revival ” after Roger Patterson filmed Big foot.
    This program is entertaining and funny.
    I hope this program continues to educate people about different parts of the country. We are all the same people,just separated by a few small variations in culture.

  13. When will the next show the new episodes of the phone call of the rouge team I can’t find anything

  14. I’m a avid Hunter and fisherman! Excellent tracker and caller! Would like to join your team!

  15. there is no mountain monsters, only dangerous hillbilly’s with what i hope ain’t loaded guns pointing at each other. the real danger is most of them has the dunlap disease, there belly’s done lapped over there belts……..

  16. I love the show and all the guys on the team! Buck is a bit of a hit head at times and he really seems to have it in for Jeff, unfortunately. It would be great if Trapper could lead the hunt again. When are you guys going to integrate more technology, like a drone with FLIR, or a FLIR scope on each of your riffles? You guys almost never have a 360 degree perimeter when you need it. You need people designated to watch to the left, to the right, and to the rear at all times, and not everyone should ever be looking in the same direction when things hit the fan especially, both when you’re moving and when you’re stopped. Also, stop making traps out of wood. If the creature you catch can’t bust out of it, anthother creature can bust it open to release it.

  17. Will MM be renewed for Season 5? If so, when will it start? I can’t seem to find any information concerning Season 5. Hope we don’t have to wait until January 2017. I would also like to see the team incorporate some of the aspects of Season 1 & 2 (mythical creatures). The rogue team episodes were NOT my favorites. Let the boys go back to what they do best. Get well Trapper, the team misses your spirit.

  18. Hi Trapper! Just wanted to say hello and I hope you’re doing well and getting better. Hope the guys are all in good health too. Take care and get well soon. Your friend Sherry Goldsmith.

  19. Love the show and team! There is more meaning in the shows than just hunting monsters. Teamwork, trust, and brotherhood!

  20. Charlene Reynolds

    Mountain Monsters is my favorite show on TV. I have bought all 4 seasons and will buy season 5, if is available later. These guys are good old boys trying to get out in the woods to find creatures that the rest of us just hear or read about. I would love to go on a hunt with them but I have to admit that I can’t go through the woods like I used to. To those who put down the team, saying they are just a bunch of hillbilly’s with guns running in the woods…..why don’t you try to do the same thing and capture a creature yourself. See if its real or not! But don’t judge someone unless you walk in his or her shoes. Plus if you don’t like the show….don’t watch it, its as simple as that!

  21. I love your show. It is great and Trapper is the best. What I really like about it is the way that gun safety is second nature to everyone in the way that people who have grown up with guns unconsciously carry themselves. No gun ever crosses anyone at any time no matter if you are running, walking or standing still. It shows all the anti-gun people exactly how safety is second nature to people who have always been around guns.

  22. Many people call this show fake. There’s nothing fake about gathering up your courage to face the unknown. To seek what others would just write off as not real. As far as I’m concerned, I love the show for the entertainment value. My wife and I like to guess who will fall down first when you guys are out in the woods at night. Just don’t hurt yourself. You guys have to bring this issue with the rogue team to a close. It’s taking away from the fun of your show. If they did shoot a bigfoot. Let it be known. You can always go after the Snallygaster. Keep up the good work!!!

  23. If the rogue team wants a bigfoot to go after, then send them after the Cheerokee Devil. and let them get caught and disappear for good

  24. Is the show ever coming back on? Because seriously the show ghost brothers is dumb WTF who’s the ahole that thought it would be a good idea to put that show on

  25. Hurry back Trapper! When does the next season start? I wosh they would take off Ghost Brothers. Whose idea was that?! I lovr sll you vuys on Mohntain Monsters, especially you Trapper!!

  26. My spell chrck on this damn pbone does not work!! Piece of crap! I meant to say I love all you guys, especially you, Trapper! If you are ever on Tampa Florida, look me up!!

  27. I lve u guys just wondering if there be another season???? I’m triped out on how the last season ended leaving u guys wondering who this other team is? If ur ever in indiana hit me up

  28. I really miss seeing you all on Sat.night. Can’t get enough! Just hurry back’PLEASE

  29. When is the new season start

  30. miss all of yous come back soon and I hope trapper is doing better

  31. Hi trapper love what you doing hope you get better soon . Dishon

  32. When are they going to catch something? smh.. but I do like the show. Lol

  33. Love the show I leave in tennessee petros when I saw a ft bigfoot petros tenn

  34. When on are they going to have a new episode ¿¿???

  35. My 13 year old son, my husband and myself absolutely love the show!!! Can’t wait for the new season, and going crazy waiting! Nothing better out there. Please give us a date for the new season

  36. My husband and I are great fans of the show. We haven’t missed one episode. We look forward to each new season and really missed the backbone of the show (Trapper). When will the new season start and will Trapper be on it? We missed him so much. Although he taught his team well and they did a good job, Trapper needs to be there to make the team complete. Waiting semi patiently for new season and Trappers return.

  37. I don’t care what anyone says,I love this show and it doesn’t evenmatter what anyone else says.I sinserly hope that it comes back on SOON,I really look forward to seeing my show every week.

  38. I dont watch anything except u guys on mountain monsters. I wish i was with yall, it would full fill my life. I love yall and please come back. Please

  39. My husband and I miss your show on Saturday nights. We love you all. My husband has had some of his own experiences with Bigfoot in the Ozarks. We are believers and really are praying you all will be back for Season 5 very soon. We hope Trapper is doing well. God bless you all.


  41. Would really like to know when the new season of mountain monsters will be starting. I want to know who is behind this quad squad.

  42. This show is a joke! They work in he dark so you can’t see what they’re doing (although the pictures taken of their “monster” ate usually taken by the witnesses during the day). They holler and talk loud during the hunt. Not good hunters in my opinion. They never catch anything! The show is a real insult to my intelligence.

  43. By the way, John Kevin Tice, aka Trapper, is a former football player turned actor. He played for the New Orleans Saints for ten years.

  44. I just wanted to say thank god for the aims team, also i wanted to ask you about the 8-9 people killed in Russia in 1958 by who knows . The case was quickly closed , also the last pictures shows something lurking in the woods looking at them. If the students were armed why wouldn’t you try and take it down? thanks

  45. wish you a speedy recovery Trapper ! I live in Ohio and there are always sighting reports . I don’t know if Bigfoot is real or not , but with all the sightings reported there has to be some truth to what people are reporting what they see . I love the show and hope you kick the shit out of the other team of guys tracking all of you guys . Be careful , be safe ,and good luck in your search. Stick together as a team and know you all have each others back and stay strong . Good luck and I’ll be watching more of Mountain Monsters.

  46. I am 71-I really like the show.Lets get on with 2017 show!!!!!

  47. Bernadette Sandoval

    Hi I know people don’t believe this show,,but my son and my nephew was in perryville, Mo where my nephew lives and they say some strange things one night ,my nephew his house is in the country all behind his house is nothing but Wood’s,, now these boys don’t drink or do drugs,,I’m going there tomorrow and iv heard those sounds at night all I can say is I keep the curtain’s closed at his house,,,so yes I believe in bigfoot,,

  48. tjis show is great entertainment. Want to know when new episodes will air! LOVE IT!

  49. Love the show. now show us one of your monsters please. can’t wait.
    You gota get one and show us, maybe one of your big foot’s.


    Trapper watch the show all the time .Can you still get around ?I hope your ok .Watched the show about the cupricatcha you almost had it in the net trap got suggestion try again same trap but wire cable net instead stronger and less noise im not a hunter but with lesx noise and light you wil, get it .do it we need to stop this as Willie lost pigs that time love the show kedp it up tell Buck to drink green tea to burn ofv fat or he will go into a trap and not get out hahaha good luck to you all Merry Christmas and happy hunting

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