Mountain Monsters: Trapper is not dead

Destination America
John “Trapper” Tice. Photo provided by Destination America.

By Kim Lemmon, Ohio’s Country Journal

Update: Trapper passed away Dec. 2019.

I am pleased to confirm that despite rumors to the contrary in January of 2016, Trapper from the television series “Mountain Monsters” is alive and well.

A publicist for Discovery Communications, Inc. and “Mountain Monsters” confirmed he is in good health after a cliff hanger during one of the episodes left fans worried he had passed away.

“I’m happy to confirm that Trapper is alive and well,” a publicist for the network said. “At the end of the 2016 season premiere, there was a cliffhanger revealing that Trapper had a medical emergency. In reality Trapper’s health scare occurred last spring, and fans will see in this weekend’s episode that he is now in recovery and on the mend!”

Comments and messages of condolences were left on my blog from several years ago, Mountain Monsters: The inside scoop. I’m not sure why so many folks were sure Trapper had passed away, but I’m happy to report he is doing well.

“Please let your readers know that his health will be addressed in the episode airing this Saturday, Jan. 30 at 10/9c,” the same publicist requested.

As with everything on the Internet, it is important check your facts closely before starting rumors, that’s why I went directly to a publicist for the network on which the series airs.

I’m thankful she was willing to share his health status and confirm he is “alive and well.”

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  1. Did Trapper hope you are getting better I watch your show a lot. You all remind me of some of my family. I always Pray when you go out on the the hunts .I have a question? Should they kill the Bigfoot ? I would Trapper to answer this question.You can send it to my email that I sent you what day will you come back on in the Spring.

    • i love this show so much. And i always pray that yall will be safe throught every investigation yall go on. My mom dosen’t really know if each one is real but i still try to tell her they are no matter whaqt anyone says. I am a country person just like all of you. The part of virginia i live is cumberland county. really nice place. And if you can tell the rest of the boys do their best on the night hunts be safe and work together as a team. Yall are a band of brother that have each others back. huckleberry: You make sure the team is safe. Buck: dont try to do anything unsafe but if you need to do it for your team make that a maybe i dont want anyone of yall getting hurt. Will: you are outstanding trap biulder and you should keep it up. Wild Bill: You be safe as well and be the craziest person alive. Jeff: You are a great peice of aquitment and you should keep up the work. and Trapper: you make sure this team works togther and makes it out alive and you are the light to them you are their leader. to all of you: work togther work smart and be a great team together:)

      • I can’t believe there are so many idiots out there who actually believe this trash!

        • You can but up and ship ruining people believes

          • I understand Trapper is not in the best of health and ca no longer lead the team but who the hell put rookie Buck in charge. I can not stand him and to put him in charge is ridiculous. If he continues to lead Mountain Monsters, I will no longer watch the show.

            Trapper, I am sorry you are I truly hope you get better and can continur to lead the team. It won’t be the same without you.

        • It true we all have different opinions but this is real in my mind. If you didn’t think it was real why are you here? Yeah just to hate. Yeah, let the fans be here. And you need to leave if you don’t like or believe. Lets us believe what we want. This website is for us fans not like you.

        • Michael Priesendorf

          Strictly entertainment value. Love it for what it is.

    • I am sorry for your loss, my name is Darrin Scantling. I am 10 years old and I love this show. I live in Waldron AR and would love to hunt a monster with you all. God bless you all

      • I’m a really big fan of the show me and my dad will watch it Non-Stop even though you guys have stopped making videos now and I still break down and tears sometimes just watching the show can’t think about all the good times that you and that team have had on that show and chasing monster I am now 10 years old and I live in Salisbury North Carolina and I am sorry for your loss

      • Hi I’m Brady Starcher I am a very big fan of the show I would really like to meet the whole team someday

  2. My grandson is a huge fan of the show he want to meet the cast we live in Michigan in a small town ., where not much goes on so for him to be able to see them would be a little boys dreams come true. Please if at all possible can you send him singed pictures of the cast thank you in advance, for anything you can do

  3. Im from the uk and I really enjoy watching montain monster, its an absolute brilliant show.I hope you get better trapper and hopefully see you in the new episodes, keep up the good work fella` s

  4. Has this show been cancelled? I’ve got 3 grandsons who love these guys

    • im addicted to this show but im in the uk looking for the beast of bodmin moore gonna upload it to youtube and hunt it

    • John Trapper Tice from Mountain Monsters, leader of the A.I.M.S. Team, passed away December 14, 2019. The show has 6 seasons to date. He will be greatly missed and it’s not the same without him but the show must go on. Trapper would want that. They are airing a dedication to Trapper on January 3, 2021, and on January 10, 2021 Season 7 is starting on the Travel channel. Just wanted to give you an update on Trapper and Mountain Monsters.

      • Really a new season is coming on for real? I can’t wait I hope it is coming on for real! God bless trappers family he will be truly missed love u trapper miss I! Sorry I just heard about it!

  5. Can you come to creola al on Saturday March 11th our road is Walter Moss road on lister dairy ask somebody to find Walter Moss road then you will find us

  6. I really enjoy watching your adventures all throughout different parts of the country trying to capture Big foots and all the other strange creatures that seem to be lurking around in parts of our country!!! Thank you all for exposing us to the different entities that might be out there !!!

  7. I enjoy watching mountain monster and I hope you’ll keep going with the TV show I cant wait for Saturday new episode I like to learn about these creators and I would like to join you’ll on a hunt

    • Hello, Zachuary.

      I can’t wait to see the new episodes myself to. Myself would like to join them on a hint to.

      • I’m glad to hear that Trapper is doing well. Here’s a question for Trapper. Just wond wondering if you could use another team member. If you want shoot me an e-mail. Get well soon hope to see you back in the field with the team.

  8. hope to see trapper back soon god bless you

  9. Y do yall make so much noise and u leave yall stench everwhere. I bow hunt and used to be darn good. And I remember the hours of silence, so why r yall skilled hunters farmers men so damn loud all the time ! R u trying to run em off cause it sure seems like it

    • dude they are just doing they’re job. and if they want to be loud they can. and they are only being loud when they see something or lost something or they are in troble. they have the right to do what they want. they are being themselves and themselves is the most wounderful thing that they can have. other than they’er skills. and i understand that u sont like what they are doing but still give them creadit for what they have done and surviving. and aswell would u want to do what they are splitting up and by yourself probablt going after the most dangerous things on the world because i that i have shoot guns and i shoot bows and i know that i would not live out there i would fail. even if you think you can do it. you probs cant because you can be controlled by things in the dark forest if u were to go in the dark forest. just like jeff. and im under the age of 15 and i know what im talkign about. i would never be able to do what they are able to do.

  10. Karen Z. Peiffer

    So glad to see you guys!

  11. Bernie Morningstar

    I hope ol’ Trapper gets back in the saddle hunting mythical monsters and fighting fights with imaginary creatures.Even though the showis a farce, it is an entertaining farce unlike another “bigfoot” show on TV. Hang in there Trapper, you look to be almost as old as I am!

  12. DeeAnn C. REMLINGER

    I’m not so sure the network is being completely honest about Trapper’s health. It seems to me that having him kidnapped and the finding ofva lot of blood is leaving the door open to writing him put of the show in case he dies. I hope I am wrong but….I don’t know.
    Either way, it’s time to put an end the Rogue Team. This is not the show i fell on love with. It’s hardly worth watching anymore. Write out the Rogue Team and get back on the hunt.

  13. trapper saw clip for show on destination channel,good to find out your ok! God bless…

  14. Use some of that annis oil to catch that woman
    of the woods. You might catch that old long
    strider too.

  15. Show is entertaining but completely fiction. In latest episode, guy behind 2-way mirror hid half of gps coordinates inside shotgun shell found inside pigs mouth. Why the games? If he wanted lady of woods brought to him, why not just tell them straight out the coordinates?

  16. Huge fan .some people say this is not real but ik ok its real . U I hope I get better trapper

  17. So glad Trapper is ok. My 3 yr old daughter is a huge fan and worries about Trapper. Get well soon.

  18. Bill is going to have to silver tip his back scatcher
    weapon to kill that ole black wolfhound.

  19. As any hunter knows silence is best. Ever time the guys go on a hunt they make so much noise and yelling scaring anything away. Please Buck lose some weight!

    • How about you go lose weight buck is fine. And plus I rather look at buck than you. How does it feel being bullied? Doesn’t feel good now does it?

  20. When are they going to pull that mountain monster
    booger out of Jeff’s nose?

  21. I think he is the other team member with Jeff Trapper and Jeff was in the barn tonight episode I don’t no why they are doing this still a good show I cannot wait for the next episode I think they will pull something out of Jeff nose next weekend episode.

  22. Bill needs to work on his jumping.

  23. Trapper and jeff may put the power bomb on buck.

    • I wish they would. Buck has the least experience of all and has the most weight making it hard for him to be believable as a hunter. My husband hunts and he is 52 years old and he stays lean. Otherwise, he couldn’t hunt in these WV woods. If any should be filling in for Trapper it should be Willy with his background in the Marines. Plus he is more trustworthy. I get the feeling Buck is on a power binge.

  24. I watch your series when ever it`s on, I feel I`ve got to know you all, so much so that I care about every one of you, like family and I`m so thankful trapper is well, I was so worried about you trapper. I`m sure the team was too! I love Huckleberry too,Willy Bill and at times poor Buck! Please come back with more series, I`m disabled and you all help me in ways you could never know. I`m from Peeblesshire in Scotland UK, and would love a signed photo of you all. I love you all come back to us soon. Helen Ross xxxxx

  25. You guys rock I love y’all show keep on Get Er Done boys

  26. kids really like this show but I wish they would calm down the foul language. It is quite vulgar at times.

  27. I don’t think much of buck being the new leader of AIMS. Very arrogant man. Willy should be leading the Hunt. Hope Trapper can get back but if not go with Willy. Leave buck back at the dinner table that’s what he does best.

    • dude you need the chill and stop trying to roast on buck he seems like a very nice person and if you get hhim mad he might be ticked off. just like he did when he met the other team at a camp in the woods.

  28. Lefty Rosenthal

    As a member of the general TV viewing public , do you really expect us to believe that a Bigfoot that’s been incredibly elusive for the past decades and centuries could actually be captured by a team of backwoods red neck dolts who just recently fell off a turnip truck ? What these country clods need are several bright orange size 5 dunce caps so they won’t be mistaken for a bunch of forest dwelling morons that are intent on letting all of us know that they are living up to every stereotype of dumb hillbillies that have ever been known to mankind!


    • Hate to burst your bubble scientists are still finding new CREATURES still yet. They can’t discover everything. So pipe the hell down.

  29. Lefty, please calm down before you strain something. Whether or not it is expected that people believe in this show and these men or not, is, in the grand scheme of life, not worth getting that worked up about. I am a former Navy chaplain who loves watching these former Marines and their friends do what they do best: Go full-steam in pursuit of whatever it is they are hunting at that particular moment. Personally I would love to meet these guys and have a chance to hear some of their stories and adventures firsthand. I would definitely love to meet Wild Bill. He embodies what I came to know as a true Marine. I’d wouldn’t have that first ounce of fear with that Marine watching my back. And Huck and the others are right there with him. Trapper said it right a few years ago when he talked about the common folk they are, and how they are easier accepted for who they are rather than slick shysters in suits. If you gentlemen ever want to add an old Navy chaplain to your ranks, I would be proud to be right there with you. Trapper, you take care of yourself and that leg. And the rest of you make sure that y’all go home in one piece at the end of the night.

  30. Hi trapper I was shocked to learn you were with the Saints I’m from New Orleans well I was. On in Sicily but came here to the states when I was 21 just finished nursing school..but moved to the big easy and I sure do miss it..I live now in Wheatridge,Co hate hate hate it…I’m a southern girl…but I tell you ,,you want to find something go to Perryville,mo iv got family there and when I go to visit I won’t go out at night my nephew lives in the woods and the sounds that I hear and after what my son and my nephew said they saw… I won’t go out they have something there..kobe safe on your hunt and give buck a big southern hi for me,,you are a heck of a man..God bless you a fan forever and ever iv watched every dhow over and over…be safe….but you need to look into Perryville,mo…All my best and love,,,,Toni Maucelli

  31. Trapper will always be the leader..buck never said he was leader

  32. You really don’t want me to comment. I like to watch the show but let’s face it B. S. Is just that I have spent way too much time in the woods to believe any of this but it’s fun to watch them scare them selves

  33. I hope all the naysayers understand this show is Satire.

  34. And very well done Satire, at that. It is the WWE of the Big Foot world.

  35. I hope you get your own foot caught in one of those traps you scum and see how you like it you fucking psychopath murderer

  36. I LOVE THE SHOW!!!! Mountain Monsters is one of the shows i will sit there all day to watch. This goes out to Trapper and the team, I would like to send you some mail but i can’t right now. That show has made such an impact on me that i will not drive through the Appalachian Mountains. I love the show and i hope it never stops!
    Your Biggest Fan,
    12 yrs Katrina

  37. Me and my dad watch this every day but the seasons are out of order we love yall doing this trapper I’m sorry of what happens to u hope are ok. And me and my dad are watching it right know to your biggest fan

  38. My grandson (Denley Logan) loves this show, he always grabs the remote and set the timer on so he dose’nt miss his show. At the end of one of the show he notice Buck was awaken early in the morning saying something about Trapper, he said to me “Poppy did Trapper die” I didn’t know what to say.

  39. Love this show but I do have one question for all of the team members. Why is that you guys can’t capture one of theses creatures especially the Lady of the Woods? Willy builds these elaborate traps and then never catches a damn thing! Secondly, why don’t you ever shoot any of the monsters that you see? But keep up the good work and I hope to see you back on the air real soon.

    Bobby A from North Jersey

  40. Ive tracked them son of bitches before. Watch out they get really mad if you throw rocks at them. When they throw logs at you

  41. Love mountain monsters. PLEASE have another season.I hope Trapper is well!!!!! .

  42. I love this show and I hope we have another season.!!!

  43. Is Trapper able to hunt with the team in the 2019 season? I love love love all the guys and Buck, u r SO adorable. I wish I was 20 yrs younger!!! I am so excited for the new season. Be safe guys!

  44. Michael Priesendorf

    strictly entertainment value. Love it for what it is. Real or not it’s like an ongoing horror novel just being acted out. Of course any self respecting monster would leave the areas these guys go to with all the noise they make but then there wouldn’t be anything to film. I’m a hunter and if for one second I thought any of these creatures actually existed in the woods you’d never see me going to my deer stand at 4:30 in the morning. Love this show because it’s just fun entertainment for me and the grandchildren but I wish they would cut back on the cuss words ( for the little ones mind you ). Still, it is a fun show. Let your youthful imagination run free again and don’t be so “grown up”.

  45. Really a new season is coming on for real? I can’t wait I hope it is coming on for real! God bless trappers family he will be truly missed love u trapper miss I! Sorry I just heard about it!

  46. What happened to Trapper on Mountain Monsters?
    Trapper was not seen during season seven because he passed away in December 2019 at the age of 72.

    “We are sad to hear about the passing of John ‘Trapper’ Tice, a founding member of the AIMS team and star of Mountain Monsters,” the Travel Channel’s Facebook tribute read. “Our heart goes out to his family and friends.” His obituary states that he died surrounded by his friends and family at the WVU Medicine Camden-Clark Medical Center after suffering from a “brief illness.
    Trappers Facebook page
    This is Trapper’s son, John. My brother, sister and I greatly appreciate the outpouring of love and stories from friends and fans. The person on the tv screen pales in comparison to the actual legend of man, father and grandfather he was. The silence of his absence in our lives is deafening. Love you, Dad.

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