There is plenty to learn about agriculture in Brazil.

Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers headed to Brazil

On March 11, a group of Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association members will embark on a 12-day market study mission of Brazil, a major U.S.  competitor of international agricultural sales. The purpose of this mission is to gain a better understanding of Brazil’s role in the worldwide market of agriculture.

“Our mission to Brazil is really about the piles of corn we have in the United States. We need to understand our competition in order to compete with them. We hope to dispel myths. A lot of folks feel like they are not as tech savvy as they really are in Brazil. This also provides the opportunity to get our growers to set foot on their farms and realize the obstacles they face down there,” said John Linder, an OCWGA member on the National Corn Growers Association’s Trade Policy and Biotechnology Action Team. “We look forward to talking with those farmers and we will get to talk to some people in the industry who make feed and other things like that. We also forget that we are selling a lot of wheat down there because of the problems in Argentina. It would be nice to be able to keep that market.”

The in-person mission will allow the group to learn first-hand about the strengths and challenges of Brazil’s agricultural industry; make face-to-face connections with key buyers and end-users; and engage in important conversations about issues, such as GMO acceptance, sustainability, ethanol infrastructure, and grain storage. The information gained in this mission will be used to enhance ongoing efforts to build demand for Ohio’s corn and wheat.

Those interested can follow the mission through a blog and YouTube channel at


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