Fennig Equipment adds FE4R Highboy Application line of seeding/fertilizer products

Fennig Equipment announced an addition to their FE4R Highboy Application line of seeding/fertilizer products.

Effective in May, the FE4R Highboy Application System is now available for the Miller/New Holland Line of High Clearance Sprayers.

“In the past we were strictly adaptable to Hagie STS Models and due to the popularity and demand for other models as well, we knew we had to make our system as universal as possible,” said Gary Fennig, President of Fennig Equipment.

The FE4R system boasts a 145 cubic foot poly tank which replaces the factory liquid tank. Product is then dispersed via hydraulic fan throughout the 90-foot boom to inter-seed cover crops, urea, and even products such as pelletized chicken litter. The Fennig Equipment FE4R Highboy Application System is currently available for June-August delivery.

Visit www.fennigequipment.com for more information or call 419-953-8500.

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