Spring Dairy Expo highlights

Even though prices are down, attendance and exhibitor numbers were up at the 2016 Ohio Spring Dairy Expo that wrapped up yesterday.

“It went wonderfully. We had approximately 550 head shown and that is in addition to the sale cattle. We had Brown Swiss, Milking Shorthorn, Ayrshire, Guernsey, and Jerseys all in the sale this year,” said Angie Kaverman, 2016 Spring Dairy Expo Show manager/co-chair. “Prices are down but our numbers were up with more people showing. We were up on the number of head in the show and also up on out of state exhibitors, which was a really great thing to see. This show does serve as a national show for a lot of our breeds. They earn more credit as far as their All American nominations down the line and it really is an attraction for a lot of people.”

AUDIO: Dale Minyo visited with Allison Mangun about the involvment of the Buckeye Dairy Club at Spring Dairy Expo.

Buckeye Dairy Club Allison Mangun

Erin Williams with American Dairy Association Mid East stopped by to visit with Dale as well.

ADA Erin Williams

The sale numbers were strong this year despite the challenging milk prices.

“We had great sale numbers with good averages. The online auction has upped our availability around the country and helped with marketing the animals,” Kaverman said. “That is reflected in the sale averages.”

The youth participation at the event was also a highlight.

“We had over 120 participants in our youth showmanship contest. We had sponsorships from the American Dairy Association for nine separate showmanship age divisions from 9 to 17 and 17 and up. Every participants got $20 and there were some really nice show awards. That is a huge draw for many people,” she said. “We really try and focus on the youth. In each class for every breed we place the class and the youth are recognized separately in every class. We also have a champion drive and a supreme champion drive for the youth as well.

“We work to make it better every year and more people are wanting to be involved. It all comes down to a love of the cows, a love of the industry and pride in the farm.”

Thanks to Lara Staples with Paul Hall and Associates (an event sponsor) for sharing a few photos from the 2016 Spring Dairy Expo.

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