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Trillium shaping their farms for the future

The marketplace for many agricultural products continues to change. That is one of the reason why Ohio-based egg producer Trillium Farms will begin to take on a different look in the coming months.

“We are most interested in two things,” said Doug Mack, Chief Operating Officer of Trillium Farms. “We are aiming to meet the demands of our customers and providing the best possible care for our hens.”

To ensure their business remains at the forefront of egg production within the context of the changing marketplace, Trillium Farms has already begun transitioning a portion of their barns to cage-free hen housing. As needed to meet demand, and in close collaboration with customers, they will incorporate additional cage-free production.

“As we move forward with these projects, we will be doing everything designed to meet the current standards, as defined by the United Egg Producers,” Mack said. “This will include new construction, as well as some remodeling of our existing buildings.”

“We are blessed with some infrastructure that we can transform for the purpose of meeting the certified cage-free standards.”

While these modifications will include upgraded equipment and technology, the success of the long-term plan will rely on the how these new procedures are implemented.

“Each house is as important as the next house,” Mack said. “It all comes down to how responsible and effective we are in the management system that will generate the optimum care for our animals.

There will be many phases of the transition at Trillium Farms, with some plans being completed in a few months, to some that will take up to a couple of years.

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  1. I need to get in contact with someone from what used to be Trillium Farms. I understand that it is now Ohio Ag. Please contact me ASAP. 419-306-8474 or 419-293-4197.

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