Jon Miller, May 23

We got anywhere from a half-inch to three-quarters of an inch of rain on Friday night and Saturday. Yesterday, the wind blowing really helped dry things out. I think we can finish beans tomorrow. We hope then we can finish our last field of corn on Wednesday before the next rain.

The wheat has some frost damage, but we went ahead and sprayed it with fungicide. It was flowering when the cold temperatures hit on Sunday a week ago. I think it got down to 29 for a short period of time. The bottom areas are the worst because it got colder down there then the higher spots. The corn got frosted pretty good too along the field edges and in the low areas. The growing point was still under ground so it should bounce back. Some of the neighbors had to replant some beans because of the frost.

There are problems with uniform emergence in some of the first corn we planted. It was mostly in what we planted around April 18 to 20. There are not really holes, but there are some emergence delays where some plants came out of the ground quicker than others. That corn has been in the ground in over a month and it should be taller than it is, but it has been so cold.

I think we are in pretty good shape with weed control. We went in with 2,4-D and delayed planting because we were afraid of marestail in a couple of soybean fields.

We started sidedressing corn last Friday and we will be hitting that hard this week if we can. If it does get in the mid 80s like they are saying this week the corn that has been in the ground for a while is going to take off.

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