Percival nominated for American Lamb Board

The executive board of the American Sheep Industry Association met to provide a slate of nominees for the Secretary of Agriculture to consider for appointment to the boards of the American Lamb Board and the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center.

The nominations include Ohio’s Jim Percival, who is a candidate for the seat on the board serving producers with less than 100 head of lambs. Percival, a Greene County sheep producer for the last 45 years, is being nominated to a second term on the board. He owns a small family-run operation that markets lambs to local stores or farmer’s markets.

“We believe we have provided nominees for the secretary’s consideration that are experienced and dedicated sheep producers who have served their industry at the local, state and national levels and who represent a broad range of production, marketing, finance and management experience from coast to coast,” said Burton Pfliger, ASI president.

ASI is a certified nominating organization and, as such, is required to provide at least two recommendations for each open board seat.

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