Champion drive

Photo highlights from the 2016 Junior Market Barrow Show


2016 Junior Market Barrow results


Dark Crossbred

Grand Champion – Diana Weimer, Waterville-264 lbs

Reserve Champion – Madelyn Fearon, Greenville-258 lbs

Light Crossbred

Grand Champion – Ashton Frey, Upper Sandusky-262 lbs

Reserve Champion – Lea Kimley, South Charleston-262 lbs


Grand Champion – Paige Pence, New Carlisle- 264 lbs

Reserve Champion – Zander Ivey, Bloomingburg- 250 lbs

Chester White

Grand Champion – Lily Rees, Bidwell-253 lbs

Reserve Champion – Micah Smock, Jackson Center-256 lbs


Grand Champion – Jenna Siegel, Marion- 269 lbs

Reserve Champion – Ashton Frey, Upper Sandusky- 274 lbs


Grand Champion – Kelsey Vollrath, South Charleston- 271 lbs

Reserve Champion – John Smock, Jackson Center-250 lbs


Grand Champion – Dustin Winner, Piqua- 257 lbs

Reserve Champion – Kelli Kearney, Burbank- 280 lbs


Grand Champion – Madelyn Harrison, Hamilton- 279 lbs

Reserve Champion – Tyler Warner, Clyde- 265 lbs

Poland China

Grand Champion – Ansley Kozarec, Farmersville- 280 lbs

Reserve Champion – Aaron Rolfe, Sabina- 267 lbs


Grand Champion – Anne Thompson, Wilmington- 280 lbs

Reserve Champion – Saylor Moore, Washington Courthouse- 249 lbs


Grand Champion – Kamree Frey, Upper Sandusky- 262 lbs

Reserve Champion – Ashton Frey, Upper Sandusky- 270 lbs


Grand Champion – Brilea Bishop, Jamestown-280 lbs

Reserve Champion – Kaci Way, West Salem- 246 lbs

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