Yetter offering new header cart for smoother harvest

Transporting large combine heads is a daily task during harvest. Yetter Farm Equipment introduces the 8500 Head Cart Trailers to make the job safe, quick and easy.

“Our Head Cart Trailers were designed using ideas from farmers and dealers. They provide the performance our customers are expecting,” said Tyler Thomas, Yetter territory manager. “They allow clearance for the Stalk Devastator™ or stalk stompers on corn heads, facilitating easy transport and attachment or detachment from the combine.”

The trailer design is durable, ready to meet the demands of moving heavy draper heads and large corn heads. Each cart has quick tie-down ratchets and straps that tightly secure heads to the cart. All carts are equipped with twin rest brackets that are adjustable and work with various combine head models. “These rest brackets can be adjusted without tools,” added Thomas.

Yetter Head Carts are available in widths of 27′, 32′, 38′, 43′ and 48′. All models feature a central-beam design with adjustable rest brackets and a wide upper bar. The upper bar is open and can store an extra sickle.

The 8500 Head Cart lineup comes equipped with several safety and convenience features, including front safety chains, rear brakes at each rear axle, DOT reflective tape and LED taillights. Each cart has a powder-coated finish and is shipped with eight-bolt rims with ST235/80 R16 tires. Molded front fenders protect the truck and head from rock and debris. The front torsion axles and each rear 7,000-pound torsion axle guarantee a smoother ride when transporting combine heads to the next location. For convenient winter storage, the tongue rotates to the main beam.

For more information about the 8500 Head Cart Trailers and other Yetter products, contact a Yetter Sales Specialist today.

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  1. I am very interested in your 8527 foot header wagon my name is Steve Kelham I live in Avilla Indiana I tried to find a dealer in my area but have had no luck they all sell the smaller getter add Ins but not the header wagons Are there any available for this year’s harvest or do I need to wait until after harvest to purchase one thank you Steve

  2. Sorry that’s the model8500. 27 ft

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