Anthony Wayne FFA competes in soil judging

Fourteen Anthony Wayne FFA members competed in the District 1 Agricultural and Urban Soil Judging CDE. The agricultural soils team consisted of Haley Schmersal, Madison King, Nicole McMullen, Dylan Stall, Kelly Rice, Morgan Fairchild, Patrick Wright, and Taylore Harman. The urban soils team consisted Kennedy Shartzer, Paige Miller, Lily Hassan, Carter Holck, Laura Caswell, and Maggie Burkett. The ag soils team placed 6th in their division and the urban soils team placed 8th in their division. Haley Schmersal placed 11th as an individual in the ag soils division and and Laura Caswell placed 17th as an individual in the urban soils division. Dylan Stall said “It was my first year competing and I learned a lot about types of soil. ”

It was a successful competition and the chapter plan’s to compete again next year.

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