Fifth graders on farm tour educated by Hiland FFA

On a brisk, cool morning the Hiland FFA Chapter went to the 5th Grade Farm Tour which was held at Spring Walk Farms in Big Prairie, Ohio.

The Holmes Soil and Water Conservation District sponsored the 5th Grade Farm Tour. The 5th graders had a rotation throughout the day, stopping at various stations. Each stop was only 20 minutes long. When the tour was over the students went to eat lunch.

The Hiland FFA members assisted with the soil station and helped the 5th graders make their own soil snacks to enjoy. The soil snack consisted of pretzel pieces represented bedrock, coco puffs were the subsoil, the granola represented the topsoil, raisins were the bugs, gummy worms represented the worms, and green sprinkles were the grass or crops. While the students were enjoying their snack, the Hiland FFA members talked to them about soil.

IMG_0208There were nine FFA members that took part in this activity which were: Ethan Drzazga, Bailey Engstrom, Natalie Lovell, Hayleigh Scheufler, Parker Stutzman, Heidi Troyer, Sheila Troyer, Tallie Troyer, Cheryl Yoder, and Diane Yoder. Everyone who participated in this event had a wonderful time, teaching the 5th graders about agricultural.

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