Hiland FFA takes part in urban soils contest

On a rainy day, the Hiland FFA Urban Soils Team participated in the District Soils Contests. The District Soil Contest consisted of three pits, and two written test which was a soil survey test and a general knowledge test. The purpose of the urban soil contest is to see if the land can be used for nonfarm uses, buildings, or work sites. The members had to figure out the different soil types such as coarse, moderately coarse, medium, moderately fine, and fine. For horizon of the pit the students had to find soil layers like topsoil (soil near the top), subsoil (soil in the middle of the pit) or substratum (soil near the bottom of the pit). Also, the contestants had to find the slope by using the slope boards at one stake with another stake. There were 56 students who participated in this event as a district. The Hiland Urban Soils Team placed 3rd at contest. Diane Yoder got 2nd place, Cheryl Yoder got 10th place, Hayleigh Scheufler got 17th place, Parker Stutzman got 21st place, and Sheila Troyer got 25th place. The top five teams moved onto state.

On a windy day in southern Ohio, the State Soils Contest was held. The contestants had to judge four pits, and two written tests about soil. They were put into 20 different groups split between urban, soil that buildings can be built on, and rural, open land. The students were led to different stations, and then going in a rotation until everyone had gone to each station. The Hiland FFA Urban Soils Team place 39 out 43 teams at State. Diane Yoder placed 101 out of 156 individuals, Cheryl Yoder placed 144 out of 156 individuals, Parker Stutzman placed 151 out of 156 individuals, and Hayleigh Scheufler placed 152 out of 156 individuals. All of the contests had a lot of fun judging soil, and are excited for next years soil contests.

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