Is my wheat too tall?

Should farmers be concerned with how tall or how much growth they are getting on their wheat with the great fall weather we have had? Account Manager Lisa Worl has some answers in this week’s DuPont Pioneer Field Report.

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  1. In my field I have seen wheat that is purple in spots in the field. It is 25R40 that I planted that has this. It was drilled around October 9. What cold wet conditions cause this?

    • From DuPont Pioneer’s Kyle Poling – Purple color can signal a K deficiency if 1) field levels are low in Potassium or 2) if roots are poorly developed (from cold and/or wet) and can’t take up needed amounts of the nutrient.

      However, with the warm weather and really nice Fall weather (that has promoted a lot of growth) it is more likely an anthocyanin expression, which is a build up of sugars in the plant that is expressed as “purple”. Conditions that cause this are warm, sunny days that enable to plants to photosynthesize then cool/cold nights that prohibit the plant from redistributing the sugars produced during the day. The same response is very common in the Spring of the year in certain corn hybrids causing whole fields to turn many shades of purple from light to really dark…almost black.

      Hope this helps – Ty

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