West Holmes FFA’ers enjoy learning, fun at Greenhand Camp

The West Holmes FFA chapter recently sent 9 members to Greenhand Camp at Camp Muskingum. Attendants were Zach Myers, Braiden Bower, Ethan Reining, Luke Shaum, Dylan Landon, Chase Stitzlein, Kayla Madison, Haley Crites, and Madison Stitzlein. The students arrived at 3pm for registration and dorm check-in. During this time they had free recreation. Here they could walk around camp and see what it’s all about. When registration was over, the staff and state officers welcomed the Greenhand members to camp. At 6:00 the members attended their first flag lowering and dinner. After dinner the members participated in field games. They played icebreaker games to learn each other’s names. At 8:00 they members had their first workshop. Here, the campers learned how to makes better decisions and thinking before they act. After the workshop the Greenhands participated in a scavenger hunt before going to campfire. By 11:00 campers were in bed resting for their next exciting day at camp.

Day 2 started bright and early at 7am. Members ate breakfast and attended flag raising. After flag raising it was time for camp chapter clean up. Within the chapters at camp, everyone was assigned a place at camp to tidy up. When everything was clean, the members attended their second work shop Opening Opportunities. Here, the campers focused on stepping out of their comfort zone and opening themselves up to try new things. The campers then walked down to Adventure Valley where they had to work together in their groups to move past each obstacle set before them. After each group made it through Adventure Valley, the members had free time. During free time they can play basketball, volleyball, go boating, along with many other fun activities. At noon the students ate lunch and participated in Mystery Center. This was a time when the campers participated in any camp activities that they had not done yet. The members then had more free time before participating in the FFA Quiz Bowl Competition. Here, they competed against each other answering facts about FFA. Around 5, the members ate dinner and had some free time before their third workshop Setting Our Course. During this workshop the students worked on setting goals for themselves. They also focused on setting a path to a bright future. When the workshop was over it was time for the dance. After dancing and having fun the campers had campfire and then headed to bed.

The last day of camp students woke up and started packing. They cleaned the dorms and made sure they left it better than when they arrived. Campers then ate breakfast and headed to the musky lounge for their last workshop Where to Next. During this workshop the members were asked what they will do with the information given to them.  The camping staff and state officers then wished the campers a safe ride home.

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