Anthony Wayne FFA member receives $1000 grant

IMG_0701Anthony Wayne FFA member Maggie Burkett recently received a $1000 grant from the National FFA Organization for her supervised agricultural experience (SAE).

In her SAE, Maggie uses the manure from two horses she owns and composts it. The manure composts in large pallets that are 5’ tall and 4’ wide during the winter. When the manure is finished composting, Maggie packs it into 10 pound bags and sells them for $2 each in the spring. She has multiple customers who have requested that she continues this business because they like using the natural fertilizer for their gardens.

She began this SAE in the winter of 2015, which was when she began taking an agriculture course at Anthony Wayne High School. With the grant that she received, Maggie plans to purchase a Stall Butler. This will help her to separate the manure more efficiently than she can by hand, make it more organic, and expand her business throughout her years in FFA.

Maggie said “I am super grateful for the CCOF Foundation for choosing to give me a grant to expand my SAE! The idea to start this came when my dad had told me that the City of Toledo would no longer be allowing anyone to dump manure on the frozen ground, so we started to compost it! My favorite part of this entire project is the feedback I get from my customers. ”

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