The first wave of Fertilizer Applicator Certification Training is done

Senate Bill 150 gives Ohio farmers until September 30, 2017 to become certified to apply fertilizer. We are now in April of 2017, and at the end of the winter meeting season, meaning you have a very, very few meetings left to become certified. This site gives final dates for programs:

Ohio State University Extension has delivered more than 290 programs around the state with over 14,500 attendees trained so far.

Record keeping requirements are the most important aspect of the new law, and you will start when you receive your yellow Fertilizer Applicator Certificate. If you are a farmer you will maintain the records for three years. If you are a dealer and apply the fertilizer, you maintain the records for three years and supply a copy of the record to the grower who purchased the nutrients.

Within 24 hours of your nutrient application, record:

  •  Name of fertilizer certificate holder
  •  Name of applicator working under direct supervision of certificate holder (if any)
  •  Date of application
  •  Location (field ID, farm)
  •  Fertilizer analysis (such as 11-52-0)
  •  Rate of fertilizer application (lbs/A) and total amount applied
  •  Fertilizer application method (surface-applied, incorporated, etc)
  •  Soil conditions
  •  For surface applications only: is ground frozen or snow covered?
  •  Temperature and precipitation during application
  •  Weather forecast for day following application.

One very good place to get and print weather records and a forecast is You will record this information within 24 hours.

One other item almost buried in SB 150 was the development of nutrient management plans. To me this may be THE best way to manage our nutrient loss concerns and save ourselves money in production costs. Consult with a nutrient management planner at the Soil & Water office, with a consultant, with Extension, with NRCS or a retailer. They can find those most likely areas of loss and help to reduce them.


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