Henry County finds H1N2

Monday, August 14, four hogs at the Henry County Fair were diagnosed with H1N2 influenza. No human illness has been reported in conjunction with this finding. The health department and area doctors have been notified.

“On Sunday four hogs began showing symptoms compatible with influenza. On Sunday night, I called the Ohio Department of Agriculture in to test them. Positive results for H1N2 flu were reported at 12:30 Monday,” said Dr. Kate Colliflower. “The barn has been closed and will be fully disinfected following the fair.”

Nine hogs remain at the fair for veterinary observation. The remaining 112 hogs were sent for processing, just a few days earlier than originally planned.

“Meat from all of these hogs is safe for consumption,” said Colliflower “You cannot get the flu from eating or handling pork products.”

If you have any questions or concerns about your personal health please contact your doctor or the health department. As always, proper handwashing is the best defense against any illness.

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