Kernals on the Cob (A Crop Tour Parody)

Get ready for this year’s I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour, presented by AgroLiquid, by checking out this crop tour parody song written by Matt Reese and Ty Higgins!

Every year we hit the road
to look at lots of crops
Husking ears and counting pods
At every single stop
If there is mud caked on our boots
It’s never quite as fun
But rain or shine we’ll be just fine
And work til the jobs done.

Counting kernals on the cob
How’d I get this crazy job?
Hit the road just before dawn
Spend the day in the hot sun
Looking for insects and different kinds of Leaf disease.
I’ll sample the corn, cause I have to pee.

We stop for doughnuts and ice cream
A few times along the way
Swapping tall tales of short corn
We saw throughout the day
We crisscross the interstate
Back roads are all we drive
Sure hope Bart fixed those truck breaks
So we make it back alive.

Hours in the crop tour van
Sitting by a sweaty man
Beans and corn and corn and beans
Are the only things I’ve seen
Found some white mold and some nitrogen deficiency
Hey I’ll check the corn, I have to pee
No I mean it guys
I do have to pee

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  1. Hey guys, loved the song!
    Willie would be proud of you!!

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