Ohio’s Crop Progress — August 21, 2017

Temperatures across the state were above normal while most of the state saw very limited precipitation, according to Cheryl Turner, Ohio State Statistician with the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. There were 6 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending August 20th. While most of the state saw small amounts of rain, some locally heavy rainfalls were observed, mainly in the southwestern and southeastern parts of Ohio. Soil moisture shortages grew over the week in a remarkable change from the wet conditions that prevailed earlier this season. However, topsoil and subsoil moisture supplies are still rated mostly adequate. Corn condition improved slightly and soybean condition was virtually unchanged, but many growers expressed concern over the lack of precipitation during the grain fill period, especially in fields with shallow roots. Widespread opportunities for hay cutting were beneficial, but regrowth prospects were limited. Range and pasture conditions are virtually unchanged but signs of stress are starting to appear there, too.

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