Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — October 9, 2017

The remains of Nate came into the state yesterday, which was earlier than expected in our discussion last Friday. However, Nate made landfall along the Gulf Coast about 12-15 hours sooner than anticipated too, so that makes sense he would get here sooner. In any case, it’s not a bad thing because we are seeing the remains leave quicker too. This morning we are dealing with the last of the moisture associated with Nate over eastern Ohio, and starting to dry out to the west. We should see drying continue through the entire day tomorrow. Sunshine overspreads the state today, and holds tomorrow. Clouds develop very late tomorrow evening and overnight.

Those clouds will be in ahead of our next weather system, on the way for Wednesday. A nice frontal complex is coming together today in the central plains and will exit to the east and northeast tonight. This will spread rain over the western and central Corn Belt tomorrow, and showers move into Indiana tomorrow evening and overnight. The rains get here Wednesday and will take up most of the day. We are looking at rain totals of .25”-1” over about 80% of the state. The heaviest rains we like up over northeastern parts of the state, and it will take thunderstorms to get to the upper end of the range there. We should see all rain done by shortly after sunset Wednesday evening.

Dry Thursday, Friday and Saturday over the Buckeye state. We see temps normal to above normal and as we work on to the backside of a strong high, we should see impressive southwest winds develop for Friday and Saturday. These will bump temps up, and should provide some good drying. Evaporation rates will max out over the period at about .25” per day. Will that be enough drying to get back into the fields, after the soggy weekend and the midweek event? Time will tell. But, 12-25 mph winds won’t hurt.

Our next system is in on Sunday, and will bring the potential for fieldwork to a halt again. This front is more of a NW to SE moving “sagging” front, but still has the potential to bring good rains. We like rain totals again of .25”-1” with 90% coverage. This time, the heaviest rains will be in the northern third of the state, mostly north of US 30, and in particular in NW Ohio. Everything will be done by midnight Sunday night. The map above is a snapshot of early Sunday morning’s potential set up.

Next week should turn drier then, as strong high pressure comes in and takes control from Monday through Friday. Temps will be near normal, and sunshine should aid drying. However, winds are not going to be as strong as before the Sunday system. Our next front to watch should be on the way for late the 21st and mostly the 22nd. This front looks great off to the west, and as long as it holds together, will bring us rain potential of at least .25”-.75” over 75% of the state.


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