agBOT Challenge 2018

Producers and sponsors of the agBOT Challenge are challenging innovators to push technology forward in agriculture by competing in the agBOT Challenge 2018.

Over the last two years, teams and individuals from coast to coast and everywhere in between have spent time on research and development to create innovative technologies capable of performing tasks in agriculture. Teams entered into the agBOT Challenge have showcased the newest technologies in agriculture, demonstrating machines capable of autonomously moving through the fields, planting seeds, identifying plant health, eradicating weeds, gathering layers of data and more.

The agBOT Challenge 2018 will be held at Gerrish Farms in Rockville, Ind. from May 17through May 19. Universities, entrepreneurs and private groups are currently being recruited to enter into the competitions: 2018 Weed & Feed on May 18 and/or 2018 Harvest Competition on May 19. Proposals and teams will be accepted until the event roster is full. To learn more about the competition objectives, please visit the website and contact Rachel Gerrish, Senior Executive Producer, to submit proposals.

For more information on the teams, sponsors, events and/or the agBOT Challenge program, please contact Rachel Gerrish, Senior Executive Producer,

The agBOT Challenge is a series of competitions set to propel innovation in technology and agriculture. With the assistance of sponsors, airBridge and Gerrish farms have created a series of competitions in which individuals, teams, universities, entrepreneurs, farmers etc. are challenged to build autonomous vehicles capable of performing agricultural tasks in the fields. At the annual event, each team of innovators has the opportunity to present their accomplishments to a crowd of supporters, influential leaders, and panel of judges in an effort to win the agBOT Challenge Champion title. For more information visit To learn more, follow the teams and event @AgBotChallenge.

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