Genoa FFA notes Parliamentary Procedure team

The Genoa FFA had a novice parli pro team and an advanced parli pro team that they sent to the sub-district contest. Both teams qualified to move on to a district. The advanced parli pro team did not compete in the District competition. That team consisted of Kaleb Kuhlman as chairperson, Jordan Iffland as secretary, and Mason Hogan, Bobby Bench, Seth Moore, and Brady Linker also on the team.

The novice team was Andrew Blausey, Candance Lawson, Kenneth and Emilio Aranda, Timmy Matthews, Gregory Clark, Kasey Kuhlman, Charlotte Priddy, and Samantha Richards. Parliamentary procedure is the body of rules, ethics, and customs governing an FFA meeting. For the contest, students had to present and debate motions.

The secretary has to write down everything that is said. Each student also receives a task they’ll have to do like amending a motion or call for a division of the house. Each individual must debate three times to receive the full amount of points and all do the tasks they were given correctly. Then everyone’s scores are added up to get a team score.

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