2018 Ohio Beef Expo Junior Show champions

The Ohio Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) Junior Show was held Sunday, March 18 during the 2018 Ohio Beef Expo at the Ohio Expo Center, Columbus, Ohio. The annual show spotlighted nearly 900 steers and heifers. Mark Johnson, Oklahoma, evaluated the breeding heifers while Amanda Schnoor, California, assessed the market animals. For a complete list of sponsors, visit www.ohiobeefexpo.com. The champions of the event were as follows:


Breeding Heifers


Grand Champion                                 Addison Jones, Allen County – Champion Angus

Reserve Champion                             Caitlin Schaub, Auglaize County – Champion % Simmental

3rd Overall                                              Paige Pence, Clark County – Reserve Champion Angus

4th Overall                                              Samantha VanVorhis, Wood County – Champion Purebred Simmental

5th Overall                                              Hailee Carter, Holmes County – Champion MaineTainer

6th Overall                                              Kathy Lehman, Richland County – Champion Chianina

7th Overall                                              Karlie Kennedy, Adams County – Champion Crossbred

8th Overall                                              Hanna Schroeder, Putnam County – Champion ShorthornPlus

9th Overall                                              Olivia Wood, Clinton County – Champion Shorthorn

10th Overall                                            Chris Tooms, Muskingum County – Reserve Champion MaineTainer


Champion Angus                                 Addison Jones, Allen County

Reserve Angus                                     Paige Pence, Clark County

Champion Chianina                           Kathy Lehman, Richland County

Reserve Chianina                                Abbie Collins, Preble County


Champion Hereford                            Jenna Phelps, Union County

Reserve Hereford                                Maddox Cupp, Fairfield County


Champion High % Maine-Anjou     Samantha VanVorhis, Wood County

Reserve High % Maine-Anjou         Lori Millenbaugh, Crawford County


Champion MaineTainer                     Hailee Carter, Holmes County

Reserve MaineTainer                         Chris Tooms, Muskingum County


Champion Shorthorn                          Olivia Wood, Clinton County

Reserve Shorthorn                               Caroline Winter, Pickaway County
Champion ShorthornPlus                   Hanna Schroeder, Putnam County
Reserve ShorthornPlus                       Reed Hanes, Mercer County

Champion Purebred Simmental        Samantha VanVorhis, Wood County

Reserve Purebred Simmental            Justin Reed, Sandusky County


Champion % Simmental                    Caitlin Schaub, Auglaize County

Reserve % Simmental                        Reed Hanes, Mercer County


Champion Miniature Hereford         Isaac Wiley, Morrow County

Reserve Miniature Hereford              Andrew Johnson, Preble County


Champion High % AOB                     Hudson Drake, Ross County

Reserve High % AOB                         Brooke Egbert, Auglaize County


Champion Low % AOB                     Morgan Neill, Huron County

Reserve Low % AOB                         Kathy Lehman, Richland County


Champion Crossbred                          Karlie Kennedy, Adams County

Reserve Crossbred                               Kathy Lehman, Richland County


Market Animals


Grand Champion                                 Brooke Egbert, Auglaize County – Champion Crossbred, Division III Champion

Reserve Champion                             Brady Turnes, Perry County – Reserve Champion Crossbred, Division II Champion

3rd Overall                                              3rd Overall                                             Elizabeth Heintz, Auglaize County – Third Overall Crossbred, Division II Reserve Champion

4th Overall                                              4th Overall                                             Elizabeth Heintz, Auglaize County – Champion Chianina

5th Overall                                              5th Overall                                             Micayla McClure, Hamilton County – Champion Maine-Anjou

6th Overall                                              6th Overall                                             Addie Shaffer, Lake County – Fourth Overall Crossbred, Division III Reserve Champion

7th Overall                                              7th Overall                                             Kassidy Thompson, Miami County – Champion ShorthornPlus

8th Overall8th Over                              8th Overall                                             Fox Morgan, Perry County – Fifth Overall Crossbred, Division I Champion

9th Overall                                              9th Overall                                             Hudson Drake, Ross County – Reserve Chianina

10th Overall                                            10th Overall                                           Harrison Blay, Portage County – Reserve Maine-Anjou


Champion Angus                                 Carly Sanders, Highland County

Reserve Angus                                     Avery Wood, Clinton County


Champion Chianina                           Elizabeth Heintz, Auglaize County

Reserve Chianina                                Hudson Drake, Ross County


Champion Hereford                            Ross Michael, Montgomery County

Reserve Hereford                                Ashton Bain, Highland County


Champion Maine-Anjou                    Micayla McClure, Hamilton County

Reserve Maine-Anjou                        Harrison Blay, Portage County


Champion Shorthorn                          Abigail Thornton, Fairfield County

Reserve Shorthorn                               Taylor Muhlenkamp, Mercer County


Champion ShorthornPlus                   Kassidy Thompson, Miami County

Reserve ShorthornPlus                       Delaney Chester, Warren County


Champion Simmental                        Carter McCauley, Guernsey County

Reserve Simmental                             Grant Belleville, Wood County


Champion Miniature Hereford         Noah Smith, Sandusky County

Reserve Champion Miniature           Seamus Bly, Lake County


Champion AOB                                   Sydney Sanders, Highland County

Reserve AOB                                        Wally Minges, Butler County


Champion Market Heifer                   Josh Champer, Madison County

Reserve Market Heifer                       Payton Freed, Muskingum County


Champion Division I Crossbred       Fox Morgan, Perry County

Reserve Division I Crossbred            Hayden Belleville, Wood County


Champion Division II Crossbred      Brady Turnes, Perry County

Reserve Division II Crossbred          Elizabeth Heintz, Auglaize County


Champion Division III Crossbred    Brooke Egbert, Auglaize County

Reserve Division III Crossbred        Addie Shaffer, Lake County


Champion Division IV Crossbred    Amelia Willis, Pike County

Reserve Division IV Crossbred        Kade Gowitzka, Richland County


Champion Division V Crossbred      Samantha Augustine, Ashland County

Reserve Division V Crossbred          Adam Kinsman, Fulton County


Champion Crossbred                          Brooke Egbert, Auglaize County – Division III Champion

Reserve Crossbred                               Brady Turnes, Perry County – Divsion II Champion

3rd Overall Crossbred                           Elizabeth Heintz, Auglaize County – Division II Reserve Champion

4th Overall Crossbred                           Addie Shaffer, Lake County – Division III Reserve Champion

5th Overall Crossbred                           Fox Morgan, Perry County – Division I Champion


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