Innovation award 2018 for intelligent beacons GIL honors Fliegl Counter SX

The German Society for Computer Science in Agriculture, Forestry and the Food Industry (GIL) has awarded the Fliegl Counter SX with the Innovation Award 2018 during its 38th Annual Meeting in Kiel, thereby honoring an “outstanding, innovative contribution in agricultural computer science”.

From the official communication of the GIL: The GIL e.V. awards the prize to the joint submission of the companies Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH, Pöttinger Landtechnik GmbH and Sigfox for the development of the Beacon + GPS + Sigfox (Fliegl COUNTER SX, Pöttinger PÖTPRO Guide), submitted by Franz Höpfinger (Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH).

The Fliegl COUNTER SX is an innovative beacon that extends the beacon technology to include an acceleration sensor, GPS module, Sigfox wireless technology and data memory. The features are intelligently interlinked and together they provide a new application range and data depth: The Fliegl COUNTER SX can usefully generate, store and transfer data in a variety of different processes. The beacon opens up completely new fields of application, not only in agriculture and livestock farming.

The Fliegl COUNTER SX proves that beacons can do more than just count operating hours. Mounted on a machine, it recognizes when and what kind of work is being done — all by itself. The beacon can store and document this information, not only with time but also with location data and make it available in real time or subsequently via Sigfox or smart app. It intelligently generates data and makes it available directly where it is needed for documentation purposes and for further data processing.

The Fliegl COUNTER SX is universally applicable – the beacon is not limited to specific processes in agriculture and not even to the application in agriculture itself. It is also suitable for applications such as the tracking of containers or truck trailers, machinery and parts. For enterprises operating in both, logistics and machinery contracting, the Fliegl Beacon technology fits in both worlds. But also in the areas of theft protection, gate monitoring, weather station, temperature or silo monitoring, the application possibilities are manifold. The Fliegl COUNTER SX is small, however, the possibilities it offers as part of the internet and as a basis for smart farming are great.

The German Society for Computer Science in Agriculture, Forestry and the Food Industry (GIL) is a scientific society for the promotion of agricultural computer science. The GIL sees itself as a forum for the interdisciplinary exchange of information between various traditional subject areas with an interest in topics of applied computer science and information management. The events and publications of the GIL serve to gain knowledge and disseminate it. The service is aimed at students, teachers, users, experts and decision-makers in research, teaching, economy, administration and politics. The annual meetings of the GIL serve as an information exchange and discussion forum for contributions from the entire specialist field. At each conference, a selected topic will be discussed more intensively. In 2018, the headline is “Digital Marketplaces and Platforms.”

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