Ohio Pork Council wins national political advertising award

The Ohio Pork Council received top honors at this year’s American Association of Political Consultants Pollie Award conference for their pig barn pop-up mail piece.

The goal of this piece was to create an eye-catching visual education piece that would capture the audience’s attention. Once their attention was captured, this piece worked to relieve misconceptions about the pork industry by answering questions and increasing transparency of modern farming.

The barn discussed several topics, such as technology, manure and pig feed. This piece was created in a format that could be hand delivered to neighbors or utilized in meetings with major policy decision makers.

“The Ohio Pork Council is thrilled to receive this honor,” said Emily Bir, Director of Communications, Ohio Pork Council. “We look forward to distributing the pop-up mail piece to consumers, neighbors and leaders across Ohio looking for more information on modern pork farming.”

Dubbed “the Oscars of political advertising” by Esquire magazine, the Pollies are the most prized and sought-after awards in the political communications and public affairs industries.

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